[A Child’s Cry] – It’s Not Fair – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years Old)

It’s not fair

I don’t get POCKET MONEY

No toys, no sweeties

It’s not fair


Why do I have to go to school


It’s not fair


That’s why when I grow up

I will do anything I want

But that’s in 100 YEARS

It’s not fair


The Vineyard – Poem by Deethah ‘Koningskind’ Brazier


The harvest is ready

The crops are ripened, ready to be gathered

A large open field

Filled with seeds once planted

Now ready to be reaped


The labour of the reaper is slow

Or have not yet even started

The grass is overgrown

Thorns and nettles cover the vineyard

The fruits, the vines, the ripened grapes


A dry field yearning for attention

Lack of tending too, lack of care

The great stone wall once built

Now broken down


Broken down by slothfulness, idleness, tiredness

A little sleep, a little slumber

Oh what a waste

Acres upon acres of waste

Of good fruits ready for harvest


This Vessel – Poem by Deethah “KoningsKind” Brazier



This vessel is round, short and deep

So it was created by the Master’s hands

A word spoken, this vessel created

A name given, the Potter saw that it was good


Commanded by the Creator to bring forth

The fruit of every good seed hidden; out of sight

Created to serve, empowered to touch lives

A burning and a shining light


Set apart, separated for the Potter’s use

Rejected, used, forsaken, refused

Mocked, laughed at, tested, heads shaken

Such pain, shame, sorrow, heart broken


Brokenness, emptiness, loneliness, it cries

Seeking love, acceptance, companion amongst human lives

Not this vessel, No! Not this vessel they mumbled

It’s too round, too short, too deep, too humble


In a pit fallen, too shattered to stand

Commandment given, saved by the Master’s hand

Washed, anointed, clothed with silk

Exceeding beauty, converted, made whole again


Renewed with hope, joy, courage, the Creator’s love

Overflowing with His Spirit, now service above

Every hidden fruit, gift, talent, skills, ability

Out of this vessel flows, running over to strengthen humanity


My Granny – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years old)

Not sure where the inspiration for this poem came from but here goes, his words not mine, but still ..my son..


My Granny is 6 foot 3

My Granny is as tall as a tree

She says Nothing

And Nothing frightens me

She punches walls

And kicks down doors

She loves plantain and rice

She has friends that are nice

As nice as mice

My Granny is 6 foot 3

My Granny is as tall as a tree

Disclaimer: this is not a description of any of his grannys that I know, so it must be his little poetic creative mind going for a stroll … away from home.


To Be a Part of You – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah


You are always with me
I wake up with you in my spirit
In my dreams I see you and 
I carry you with me in my day
Your voice, your smile, your jokes, your thoughts
There’s never an Amen said without a mention of you
Is this what they call love
I don’t know what it means
Or how I must feel
But I wouldn’t mind giving a part of me for you
My prayer goes like this”if he’s ok, God I’m good”
A whisper from my heart to heaven
Only the best for you
The greatest that could ever be
The happiest a man can be
I don’t know all there’s to know about you 
But our hearts know it all
The passion we share
The laughter that none understands
And even the silence between us
Which only our hearts can interpret 
Although I do wonder how you feel
It seems I’m suppose to know
But I doubt myself Cus I’ve never been here before
So I pray and cry sometimes “God I’m here”
I don’t mind asking for directions
But I will rather get lost with you
My favourite times and sad times 
Are the ones spent with you
I smile when I see you
But my heart cries when you’re leaving
Just then I hear a voice
It won’t be long till there’s a beginning again
For I never want an ending with you
 I Just want to be a part of you

Oh Mother – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah



“who put that there?, clean that up!

Whose things are those, who left the pot on the stove?

That’s mother’s voice
Nobody gets why she shouts to get things done
But for mother shouting is the only language they hear
But inside her heart are soft prayers for her children
“You would show me who would do it for you when I’m not around” she says
But then she whispers to herself ” Lord keep me here longer for these ones”
What she lacks in words she shows it in deeds.
Always thinking of everybody but herself
She never learned how to say no to them
Her patience never wears out 
So she never gives up
Not on me learning how to read and write or learning how to cook when I became a teenager
Or becoming a good wife when the time came
Mother teaches well
Her kind heart nothing can compare
That’s how she was made
To be a mother
The embodiment of that which builds, heals and prepares
The strength of an army all in one
But she doesn’t realise it
She looks through the spectacle of life 
And all she sees are the hearts of her children which might be broken
And how helpless she feels 
Cus  she can’t protect them from all there could be
Oh mother
She doesn’t even hear when I say thank you 
So I decided to thank God for her instead 
Just the worry in her eyes is enough to break my heart
Yet there’s enough strength in her to give you 2 pieces of wisdom
I love you mother
For all God made you to be
I now understand why father always said “it had to be you”
My mother