Shadows Of Heaven In My Path



 I look around this realm
Searching for hope
The certainty that change is coming
I look in the faces close by
They echoed my own disdain
Each wearing that wistful look
That desperate one that says
‘We know there’s more to us
This reality feels like a dream
From which we can’t awake’.

We cry out into the open air
Hoping the wind will carry our voices
Across the oceans and the hills
Though acrid deserts and thick forests
To the place where it all began
We pray without knowing we did
We appeal to one we cannot see
Not even sure if anyone can hear
We cuss out loud when we get nothing back.

We never ever think to look up
Oh no, that’s just a fairy tale
We are dealing with real life
We have no time for abstract things
Like a big grey haired man up in the sky
But when we have no where else to look
We raise our faces to the skies
We close our eyes and pretend we are 2
We make a wish and say it’s on a star

But It is a prayer from the heart
It’s filled with innocence unspoiled by life
Built on hope that there’s someone up there
Who can hear us and grant our wish
We plead with heaven while on our earth
We state our case to the rainmaker in the sky
We cross our fingers and hope not to die

We are jostled back to reality
We open our eyes
And everything looks the same
But deep inside we feel a change
Hope is alive, we feel reborn
To stand again, where we once fell
Everyone prays when they are up against the tide
Perhaps not to the man in the sky
But to the one we hope can hear our plea
From deep inside where we can’t lie

And maybe one day, we will believe
That love made us and love is God
And when all else fades away
We find ourselves back where we started
Standing naked in our childlike faith
Appealing to a love greater than us
Begging not to be denied
Our requests genuine and bare
Are answered by the one who loved us
Way before we existed in this realm
We finally know that we are known
Beyond this reality which is but a dream
God is real. He heard that prayer.
And now we believe
Heaven does cast shadows in our paths.



Fly Free – Maya Angelou….And still she rises!

Posted by SJ Bulmuo on Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Let’s Talk About Love








Love never dies. Love never fails. Love is kind. Love is Patient. Love endures all.

Love is not a soft fluffy feeling that makes you feel good on the inside.

Love is not a card with sweet words that makes you smile.

Love is not a kiss that turns cold when winter comes.

Love is the bitter aftertaste of swallowed pride,

the sinking feeling of enduring another sleepless night,

the unshifting knowledge that you can’t give up.

Love is the battered, tired, bloodied hand that keeps on giving.

The worn out smile that is still warm

The weary heart that is still smouldering

Love is tough.

Love is a hardened gait that still has bounce.

Love is a stance that does not deviate.

Love never fails. Love never dies. Love endures all things.



REFLECTIONS OF CHANGE (as I approach my 40th birthday)

I look down the years
And what do I see
Colours of changing seasons
Each an experience to remember
They tell a glorious story
Reflected in each gaze
Across the rolling landscapes
Of times impressive sketches
Etched on my beautiful face
Which do I prefer
Yesterday or today
As my wand strikes 40
I think tomorrow is the best

Well as they say, Life begins at 40, right?




In A Funk ( the creative mind’s downtime)


With thoughts of
Nothing in particular

I am in between
The old and the new
I can’t let go
And I can’t reach out
Stuck in a funk
A creative dilemma

This is a place
Of nothings
A kind of restlessness
Where these nothings
Like fuzzy pictures
Jumbled up
A mix of gold and rubble
Yet to be organised
Refuse to obey
My silent instructions

As I wait in this nothingness
Soon it all settles
My mind
Like an artist’s pencil
Begins to bring
Into focus
The new
It could be anything
A poem, a song, a picture
I see it so clear
Time for action
Now I create
The new I see
and the funk is gone
Gone For now



Soul Dance ( Phantom Lover)


Rap tap tap tap tap tap
The soles of her feet make their own beat
Announcing her entrance
From where I know not
She glides in unaware of me
The secret observer of this nightly ritual
Undefinable sweetness emanates
From her head down to her feet
Every bit of her captures me
The sway of her hips
The tilt of her head
Synchronised opposites
Arms moving in tandem
In the direction of each step she takes
Majestic to behold

At first I thought it was a ghost
But I wanted to stay not run away
From this vision of my imagination
Perhaps she is an angel
An angel designed for me
I am filled with awe and magic
Confused emotions compete inside
I’m captive to her unfeigned allure
The accentuated contours of her frame
Moulded by her flowy whispery gown
Pulsating with life, filling me up
She is a moving work of arts
The best I have ever seen

She danced to music I could hear
Deep within my soul
This vision seemed to be on the inside of me
It seems I have been granted an open sight
Of the dancing Queen
A perfect match to my manly soul

She twirled and swirled right past me
But still her face I couldn’t see
Her smell intoxicated my mind
As it wafted by and hung heavy
In the midnight air
Come to me , come this way again
I silently begged the disappearing figure
But she glided right out of sight

Then I heard the sound again
Rap tap tap tap tap tap
I waited anxiously for her reappearance
A sign that she heard my soul cry out
But I knew she was gone
Gone until tomorrow
When we meet here again
Every night she departs
I ache inside until I wake
Then I ache even more
In the glare of bright Day light

She is my muse, my excuse
She is my escape from reality
The reason I cannot commit
To the woman whose love is real
No one else compares
To my vision of the night
I cannot wait for dark to fall
I’ll go and see her in my dreams
Her smell, her allure I can’t escape
She is the perfection my soul demands
I long to hold her in my arms
To dance with her Soul to Soul

Each night she appears and disappears again
Without so much as a glance my way
I hope she somehow knows how I feel
Although she leaves me unsatisfied
I long just once to see her face
To know who it is that owns my soul
This Enigma whose willing prisoner I am
Even when I awake she fills my senses
It is only her I yearn to see
So back to this place I’ll Come
Each night to see my angel love
I am hooked on a dream
Reality simply fades
I am in love with a phantom



Love Is My Calling Card



Love is the language I speak
Love is the language between God and I
Love is the language between others and I
Sometimes I speak too fast
Sometimes I speak too slow
Sometimes I mumble and grumble
Sometime I gasp out with joy
But love is the language I speak
It is the only language that works for me
Do you want to speak love too?
It’s easy to learn
You were made to speak it
It might sound like gibberish to start with
But one day I promise you
You and I will speak it fluently
When perfect love finds us