Can’t Hide Forever

…From my collection of my 10 years old scrap papers

When Life throws you down

Learn to stand again

Learn to walk again

If not you will soon forget

What it means to take a step

Like the phoenix awake from the ashes

You’ve got to rise above the waters

Dont drown the hero in you

Heros are not made to hide

If you hide inside a bottle

Soon a drink wont be enough

To dull the ache inside

If you hide inside the music

Soon you’ll hear the last note sound

If you hide inside your head

Loneliness will chase you out

You can hide behind others

But soon you’ll go your separate ways


So try again,  come on

Rise to the challenge called life

Soon you’ll get the hang of it

You’ll be king of the rollercoaster ride


So It’s Like that ha?

Another one of my old relics rediscoverd after 10 years. Don’t know where the inspiration for this came from, sounds so unlike me. Definitely not a good way for a relationship to end but many relationships end up this way. What a shame

Oh oh oh oh (background hum)

I wait up until midnight

I go to bed and try to sleep

You come home at 3am

I pretend I am asleep

I know you are seeing someone else

But Oh! That’s nothing new

Oh oh oh oh (background hum)

I dare to ask where you were last night

You get this serious look on your face

And you say ‘I think we have to talk’

You’ve been thinking lately

About you and me

You wish things could be different

Like when we first got together

You say you are doing your best

But I nag and you get no peace

And to be honest with me

You think I need to loose some weight

If things do not change pretty soon

You will be needing some space from me


So its like that ha!

Well I’m no pushover

If you want a change

Go ahead, be my guest

‘Cos what you see is what you get

This devil you know

Is better than the angel you don’t

Even alone, I can survive

So you dont like what you see

Remember, you got me here

You stay out all night

You say you were with friends

You cant hold down a job

I cook, clean and pay the bills

Even a siant wont put up with that

So if you think you need your space

Just go ahead, I ‘ve paid my dues

Repeat Chorus

So its like that ha!

Well I’m no push over

If you want a change

Go ahead, be my guest

‘Cos what you see is what you get

This devil you know

Is better than the angel you don’t.


I Believe In Miracles

Another one from my scrap paper collection……( Dont throw scrap paper away especially if they have been around for 10 years. Cos you know you are a scribbler. You might miss something important)

I believe in a baby’s smile

I believe in a mother’s love

I believe in a peaceful world

Where every need is met

I believe the sun will shine

I believe dreams do come true

I believe a new day arrives

Where skies are clear and blue

But you say……..

There is no cure for this disease

There is no food for this hungry child

This old man must sleep in the cold tonight

Don’t you know…….

There are visions the eye can’t see

There are sounds the ear can’t hear

There is beauty beyond my touch

A taste of heaven in my heart

I believe in strength unseen

To come up ‘tops’ when one is down

I believe in tiny steps

That takes me closer to my dreams

I believe in holding on

‘Cos giving up is the easy way out

I believe life is full of miracles

Though one a day is all we need


There’s Love In the Air

This is a song I wrote 10 years ago. I just rediscovered it among some other ones in an old envelope of scrap papers I was going to throw away. Lesson: Don’t throw scrap papers away if you are a scribbler like me.


There’s love in the air

I feel it in the sunshine

It makes my skin tingle

I feel it in the morning breeze

There’s love all around me


I see it in a baby’s smile

It feels my my heart with hope

The innocent faces of the young

Are filled with love untainted


It’s there in all of us

The urge to care for another

But the experiences of our lives

Hardens the softness inside



Come with me on this Journey

Lets put aside our differences

Lets discover love again

It is in the aiar around us

We can find it if we try


A world free from wars

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the lost

Hope for the Future

Where we stand together as one


Forgiveness for the past

Respect for one another

Acceptance of our differences

Hope for the future

Where we stand together as one


Grace In The Storm – Song / lyrics by Selasie Bulmuo

When the storms of life

Are blowing in rage

My heart retreats in fear

When I just can’t see

A way of escape

Terror  is all around me






I am saved by your outstretched hand

Which lifts me up from the depths

You put my feet on real solid ground

and shower me with grace so true



Now I know….



Even through the waters

Through the mighty fire

Whatever life brings my way

You are always right there

Right beside me






In every storm

I see your grace

Grace, Great Grace

In every storm






Why should I fear when the enemy rages. I ‘ll hold on….




In every storm

I see your Grace

Grace, Great Grace

In every storm



Note: These songs / lyrics are copyrighted to Selasie Bulmuo 2012. For lyrics for your new album, ask how to make enquiries in the comments box below.


We Worship You – Song / Lyrics by Selasie Bulmuo

We worship you

King of kings

And Lord of Lords

We crown you with many crowns

And declare your majesty



We exalt you

We magnify you

We glorify you

We worship your majesty



We adore you

Great master

Creator of all

Our Rock our refuge in the storm

Our High Place forevermore.



Note: These songs/ Lyrics are copyrighted to Selasie Bulmuo 2012. If you need lyrics for your new album, please ask how to make enquiries in the box below.


I State My Claim – Song / Lyrics by Selasie Bulmuo


I state my claim

I stand on his word

And I state my claim

I claim my victory

I claim my health

I claim my provision In the name of Jesus

For I am under his shadow

Hiding under the rock

In the secret place of God most high

His name is El Shaddai

And nothing is impossible to him




He said ask and you will receive

Knock and the door will be opened

Seek and you will find.

So on this word I stand

And now I state my claim.


Note: These Songs / Lyrics are copyrighted to Selasie Bulmuo 2012. If you need Lyrics for your new album, please ask how to make enquiries in the comments box below.