Inspirational Snippet #15 – Smile

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Smiling does not cost a dime. It is a valid announcement that yesterday has not left you defeated.

You are in control of the day if you set its agenda and make it give you what you want out of it. The day is in control of itself and of you if you let the disappointments and hardships of yesterday continue to weigh heavily on your mind so that it distorts your organising processes through the lethargy, worry, stress, anxiety and hopelessness it leaves in its wake.

Today is a brand new day. It can give to you what yesterday never did and it can be a leverage for a better tomorrow. Time and tide waits for no one. Every minute that passes is a loss you cannot recoup after the fact so live fully in each minute of this day. Smile at the day, it will smile back at you. That’s just the way it is.


Circumstances Beyond My Control

Control, give me control
I am in charge of my Plan A
If you just leave me in control
There will be no need
For a plan B

We all like to think we know
The best thing to do to make it work
Make it work, this thing called life
How arrogant of me and you
To take something we did not invent
And try to force it to comply
To our well laid out plans
Plans devised by fear
Not just fear but pride and greed

What is mine must only be mine
I will use every tactic I can find
To ensure that my will is surely done
I want it now, you can’t stop me
It’s my life, I will cut you out

After we make a ramshackle of things
Our feeble excuse is a common refrain
‘It’s a mess but it’s not my fault. It was due to ………
Circumstances beyond my control

Oh foolish one, didn’t you know
Circumstances have never been in your control
And I dare say they will never be

Life is a gift, you did not start it
Better to ask the author of life
‘How do you envisage the use of this gift?’
Take his advise. He is in control
But since its a gift he will let you have a go

Stop the worrying, stop being so anxious
There is already a plan at work
And it will work if you just comply
Don’t sabotage it by arrogance and pride
Be humble enough to find your place
Brighten that corner and let the light spread
When the plan comes together
You will finally know
Being in control is so overrated
Letting life speak the language it knows
Finding its meaning and living as planned
Without rancour, without feeling hard done by
That is the way it is meant to be

It may look chaotic and make no sense
Afterall, the author is the one that dictates the ending
Be in character and play your part
You will soon find by the end of the story
That you are the last one standing
The hero in control
Not because you took it
But because you allowed the plan to work

Not plan A or  even Plan B

Not the result of all your scheming

Not your manipulating and laying down the law

The Author’s plan will supersede

So let go and let others simply breathe

No one is out to get you who will succeed

Supreme Control is now at work

It will all come together for your good.



Stop! You can achieve more in one hour when you are peaceful and rested than you can in 6 hours when you are agitated, striving, anxious and tired. Let the PEACE of God which passes all understanding keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus. Take it. It is yours. – Selasie Bulmuo