Rhythm Of The Night


Beneath the midnight sky
The clouds hide their array
In disguise of darkness
They play their silent song
My feet knows the rhythm
I can dance to the silent song
Exposed, I cannot hide
Laid bare to the open sky
Shielded by the blanket of the night
My feet trace those ancient steps
Of ones that have gone this way before
I move to the melody
I dance to the silent beat
In this expanse of quiet darkness
Beneath the midnight sky
Though my heart is heavy and weary
I dance my stoic dance
I dance my way to redemption
I dance away my grief
The night has been so long
Soon the morning will break through
It will find me still on my feet
Dancing…..I will not stop
The silent song still plays
I dance ….beneath the midnight sky


Dispel The Dark


Let the light in
Clear the cobwebs
In the recesses of your mind
Tweak the volume
Of the distracting sound
Don’t just make do
No. Don’t.
Trim the wick
Keep it guarded
Away from the strong wind
The winds of the night
Keep the new flame burning
Let it glow brighter and brighter
Open your eyes
Let the light shine
Let the warmth spread
Feel the shiver slide
Slide, slide away
Let the cold escape
Let the dark out
It’s a new day
Hold on to the light
Rekindle the fire
Roar awake
Now let the new day in
You are ready
For the greater light
Sunshine and Open Space
Daylight strong and new
You’ve waited for long
Embrace the light
It’s yours my darling.


Confidently Needy – (Its a Celebrity’s Show)


I have met a few
Perhaps so have you
It’s a clever disguise
Oh so alluring
We so want to be like ‘them’
We yearn for an express ticket
A fast train straight to stardom
Can’t you see how good they look
But you can’t always tell
A book by just its cover
Glossy & Classy,
Intriguingly Snazzy
But I tell you what
Its often plain grey inside
Seen from afar, so colour – full
It’s everything you ever dreamed
But up close and personal
You’ll see you’ve been tricked
The trendy confident rap
Is simply a call to action
A rehearsed drama
To get your attention
It’s the glint in your eye
The adoring roar of your voice
The sunshine behind your eyes
Tells them you are so alive
Your pure innocent delightful self
Untouched by all the pretence
They remember how it used to be
They want some of that again
They crave your adoration
If only for a second
It makes them feel validated
For all the choices made
Don’t sell your very soul
For an airbrushed job
That Famous Celebrity status
But are they really worth celebrating?
You decide, all by your intelligent self
Is what you see, what you really get?
You’d better learn the art
‘Cos if you can’t see beyond
The glossy cover & dream lifestyle
If you can’t see the pain behind the smile
You will be pulled in, trapped & enslaved
By their well practised poses
Designed to capture, to captivate, to drain
Your natural, unfeigned, untarnished energy
Much of theirs got jaded long ago
They are on a hunt
For vulnerable prey
They have to make it all Worthwhile
So so needy
But you’d never guess
‘Confidently’ needy
That’s what they really are
They come in many shapes
Big Preachers, Famous Actors & the like
Live shows that never close even when at home
Always on stage even if dying inside
A mismatch of the cover and the pages
So don’t be dazzled by their dazzlers
You are the real thing
If your cover matches your rhyme
Don’t swap your ‘plain’ for their ‘cool’
Just be you, much better to be you
Enjoy the simplicity of being you
Who needs dazzlers covering emptiness
So just be you
Don’t buy the lie
Disguise is unnecessary
Life is worth more than that
Live fully intact, Body, Soul & Spirit
When Pretence finally unravels
It ain’t a pretty sight at all
No need for you to be counterfeit
Living ‘confidently’needy
Pretending to be the ‘bomb’
If you stay true to you
You’ll easily see
You are better off
Being naturally confident
Untainted by deceitful glory


It’s A New Day










It’s a new day
Yesterday is gone
No more sorrow
No more sadness
No more lack and loneliness
Stretch out your hands
Lift up your eyes
See, the morning sun rises
Announcing a new day
Of hope, peace and love
Togetherness and forgiveness
Good health, sunshine in our hearts
No more nostalgia for yesterday
Today is a much better day
A new day for you and I

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Just A Clown To You

……….For all relationships that have gone haywire, for all in them who have lost hope, just remember you are known and valued by the one who gave you life, you matter to one who sees you not as a clown.

It’s not that I have nothing to say
Don’t think I have pitted out
There is still a lot to me
But I have spent the best years of mine
Invested solely in you
I can’t turn back the clock
It won’t stop even if I cry

I guess it’s funny from where you are standing
I guess it looks like a joke to you
This figure of a lost shell you now see
A shadow of what you once esteemed

I will be smiling too if it wasn’t so desperate
I will be patient if I had the time
I would answer all of your questions
With no fear of repercussions
And pretend I have nothing to loose

But I have no more years to waste in arguments
I am now overly invested in you
Since I don’t want it all to be in vain
I will act dump for my own sake

So I will pretend this is all there is to me
I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you king
I will laugh at your jokes
Even if the joke is on me
If it will speed up my redemption
Then yes my King, I am your clown

So laugh with me, oh laugh at me
Let’s pretend I am unaware
It matters not, You’ll hear no retorts
I will dance to your tune
I will skip and hop
An amusement to behold
Even more so to myself

I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you Queen
I will keep on taking
Every little crumb you throw my way
No point walking away
My best years are gone
My heart is cold
My brain I’ll numb
Yet another day
I will play the part
I’ll be your clown
Your personal clown


Don’t Drop The Ball

It’s your turn to hold on

Hold on I say

If that’s all you do

I know your eye is on lots more

And juggling has become your art

But beware my friend

Don’t you forget

Amongst the lot

There’s one so rare

You must  ensure

You pass it on

To the ones to come

Unscathed, unchanged

As genuine as when

It passed to you

Whatever you do

Don’t drop that ball

Or you will be accused

Of breaking the chain

Usurping the heritage

Of  thousands of years

The children wait

To take their place

So please my friend

Don’t drop that ball!

It’s worth much more

Than all the rest