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This Waking Life : Learning how to Swim in The Ocean of Autism

This Waking Life : Learning how to Swim in The Ocean of Autism.

Read this post by http://www.seventhvoice.wordpress.com and was really impressed by the depth of undstanding of how it feels to be a mother of a child with Autism. The roller coaster of emotions, thoughts and frustrations that come and go everyday.

Thank you for giving expression to an almost indescribable feeling of pain, loss and finally acceptance and progress.


My Annoying Brother – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years old)

My Brother is a lion

Full of rage.

He never calms down

Even if you pray


He runs to walls, up and down

Everywhere like a clown


Never challenge him to a race

Do you want to know why?

He has got too much pace


The only way to calm him down

Is to give him a hug

When he is running around


When he went to the park

He was acting like a mole

When he was at ‘football’

He scored the winning goal


He is a shooting star

He is a rocket

That goes in the air

That is why

I love him