Revving In The Slow Lane

It’s hard to keep revving your engine

You hear it’s loud cranking sounds

It seems so ready to go

To speed off into the sunset

Of happily ever afters

Can’t wait to be on the road

This unmoving constant revving

Looses its thrill sooner than later

It’s becomes a noisy pollutant

With no sweet release following



Life often gives revving opportunities

The promise that you are about to speed off

Into the fast lane of your dreams

And live happily ever after

But the signal can seem delayed

You’re ready to go but there’s limitations

And you find that all you do

Is just keep the engine revved

All pumped up but never moving

No speed to get the thrill heightened

Too many loose ends still untied.

Don’t turn the engine off

Don’t waste the revving momentum

If you can’t speed off now

At least start moving slowly forward

Forward in life’s slow lane

There are no restrictions there

Just annoying traffc jams

Just one in the crowd of starters

Waiting their turn to speed off



An engine kept alive

Will be even more ready when time comes

To go at higher speeds

Up the highways of life

To have your very own part

In the stuff dreams are made off.