Cheaters (the kiss of betrayal)

You say it’s yours

You know it’s not

It mine and has been

Right from the start

My silence is not permission

for you to take what’s mine

Without a modicum of repentance


Your thoughts tell you

I am weak and stupid

Too weak to try to stop you

Unknown to you

You are in a battle

Not with me but with the one whose I am


His hand is swift

His judgement quick

He fights my battles

Even greater ones than this

What you’ve taken so slyly

By trickery and sleight

Will never really be yours


All it takes is a tiny breath

From his nostril

On you and your lot

And for trying to do me harm

Camouflaged with your smiles

Your reward is dire

If I so desire


But I have prayed for you

That mercy will find you

And release you

From this trap you set for yourself

When you thought in your heart

To duel with such a one as I


It should have been obvious to you

That I am chosen

Marked out by him

He maintains my

And for encroaching even if only silently

On me and mine

You incur his wrath


So cheater, amend your ways

Your name is emblazoned

On a self stamped envelope

Postmarked ‘destruction’

It’s headed your way

If you don’t change your ways.