‘BEAUTIFUL’ – a word that fills me with glee especially when it is associated with my writing and my blog. Thanks Liz for nominating me for this award. I have seen different awards on some really good blogs. To be honest I didn’t think I will be getting one anytime soon.

It was such a pleasant surprise to find that a writer I admire  and have become so attached to was the one who nominated me for this award. Liz Blackmore who blogs at has a beautiful and thoughtfully kind (without being patronising) approach which also comes across in her writing. You read her posts and comments and think wow! she ‘gets it’ which skill is what in my view infuses real character and life into one’s writing. Thanks Liz, It is an honour to accept this award.

Here goes my nominations for 7 other bloggers. It would have been really great to be allowed to nominate at least 20 people which seems to be the minimum number of favourites I seem to be coming up with. So these 7 are part of my 20 in no particular order. I hope I get other awards so I can nominate others on my list of 20 whose writings I thoroughly enjoy. – for honest heartfelt writing – for being able to shock me (in a good way) into wakefulness with her expressive writing. – for always providing a splash of pure colourful, no stress ‘girliness’. – for her inspiring and refreshing ‘say it as I see it’ kind of writing. – for making the subject of ‘Autism’ more humane and practical and engaging to read. – for being a breath of fresh, young and vibrant poetic air. – for fueling my dreams of travel and making hiking seem so attractive even to someone like me. Your photographs are so sharp and ‘artistic’ and beautifully simple and detailed. I love them.

My 8th nominee…… alright! I know I am not allowed….

Since I cannot put your lovely blogs on here, I simply hope that my continuous ‘following’ of your blogs is an indication of how awesome I think they are. Thank you all for sharing your blogging spaces and your precious writings with me and the rest of the blogging community. You all deserve awards.

If you seven nominees choose to accept this award, copy and paste the award icon to your blog, provide a link to the one who nominated you, then nominate seven blogs that you would like to recognize, and let them know that you have nominated them.

Once again thanks to Liz Blackmore of for nominating me for this award.


About Blogging – Oh My Blog! What have you done to me? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo`

I was just sitting typing away

Minding my own business

‘You write a lot’ he said

‘Why don’t you share it with others?’


‘But I share a lot already’ I replied

This is for my eyes only

I do all I can for others

There isn’t much more I can do


Even now, my life’s congested

Taking care of home and kids

Dont forget I have work and church too

How do you propose I find more time

To share the things I write?


‘It’s so easy’ he said.

No need to write them twice

Just ‘post’ your notes on a ‘blog’

And that’s enough, it has been shared.


‘I am not convinced’ I said

I don’t know much about ‘posts’, ‘shares’ and ‘blogs’.

But I think it does take more

Than what you’ve just infered.


And anyway, the things I write

They are just scribbles to me

You know how I love to scribble

Don’t think it will be very exciting

For others to read  my silly scribbles


What was it you said I should do?

What was the word again?

Blog? Blogging?

It sounds most peculiar

Like some kind of sickness

Which is very hard to shift


I have just learnt about status updates

Which I now do religiously

For the two twin brothers

Popularly called Facebook and Twitter

And now I have to ‘blog?’


If you are reading this now

It is prove the blog did start

Don’t ask me to tell you how 

But turns out I was right all along

About blogs, about blogging


It voracious when it captures a victim

Far worse than an infection could be

Now I am totally hooked

Hooked on this dis-Ease


As if I wasn’t held hostage already

By those two captive masters,

Popularly called Facebook and Twitter

I have to ‘post’ and link my blog to them.

Now I’m captive more than twice over

To my very own jailer called ‘blog’

Who forces me to cavort endlessly

With the twins, Facebook and Twitter


As if that’s not enough

‘Blog’ has spread me very thin

I have to serve and wait upon

The other cousins of the family too

Digg, Press This, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Google…..

Phew! I’m out of breath just naming them all.


I am not complaining, not at all

It’s so much fun and that’s the truth

So fun I can do nothing else

What is spare time now?

There’s none to spare


I am addicted to ‘likes’ and ‘comments’

And that strange one called ‘plug -ins’

I plug in so much I am all plugged out

I live for each new ‘hit’ I see


The very weird thing is this

It is just like keeping another home

‘Blog’ must be tidied over and over again

It must be presentable, warm and welcoming too


So I now have two homes to care for

I clean, I weed, I greet, I share, I tweak……

What’s more shocking, there’s others just like me

It’s a whole community of thinkers,.. errr… captives

We hang out, we spy, sometimes we comment

Oh dear, I am so stuck and loving it too

Can’t seem to shift this sickness called ‘blog’.

Oh Blog! Give us a break! Don’t want to share my thoughts today.