Inspirational Snippet #12 – Diligence

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If you have ever seen a potter at work, you will know that the lump of clay he starts to work with, looks nothing like the beautiful vase which is the end product. Why does he not toss the lump of clay aside as useless, dirty and formless? It is because he has prior experience of what that lump of clay can end up becoming if he keeps at it. I even hear that some very creative people start out not very sure of what they are making but end up with something beautiful because they don’t give up on the process even if the product isn’t looking too good to bystanders. Their finished products adorn palaces and the homes of great, wealthy and important people. For their meticulous work, their names on any product commands a high price even if it doesn’t look that good to the ordinary person. They have shown diligence at the very beginning and have made a name as first class artists. They were not in a rush to finish their masterpieces. They gave it all they had. This is called diligence. Have you seen a man or a woman who is diligent in their work? Keep an eye an such a person. He or she will come before great people. The quality of their work will bring them forward. Keep giving your best no matter how little difference you think you may be making. The ultimate difference in time will be clear for all to see. Diligence is key in any endeavour. Keep at it. Your creativity will soon burst forth. Even mistakes can end up as a new trend if only you will be diligent and not give up too soon.