(Dreams) Frozen In Time


Frozen in time
Waiting for life to start
Plain to see
Life took you unawares
You thought giant strides had been made
Cos you gave a 100%
After all the years gone by
Destiny still feels undecided
Somewhere deep down you know
Your life as you often dreamed it
Never really did start
Young dreams
Frozen in time
Fantasy never realised
But no regrets, you say
You’ll just keep living
Giving it all You’ve got
These dreams may yet unfreeze
Until then
No regrets to mourn


Is Beauty Gone With The Wind?

True beauty is rare indeed

More rare than anything

Anything you can see

Anything you can feel

Anything you can touch


True beauty never fades

It is inexhaustible

It never grows old

It springs up and fills the senses


It can’t be pinned down

It’s a free spirit

Many seek after it

Often only finding its servants


It is all around us yet still strangely illusive

Many waste their share

Not realising what it is they had

No amount of money can equal it’s price

Yet many seek to buy it and end up with a fraud


It is plain for all to see

Often attributed mistaken identities

It is only really known when valued

Ironically, it is often valued too late


It’s infectious, it’s voracious

It captures the willing heart

And hides within its smouldering embers

It never dies, it simply evolves

Changing, Erupting but never ceasing


Freely flowing but never gone

Never ever gone

Not gone with the wind

LIFE my friend, is truly beautiful


Don’t Drop The Ball

It’s your turn to hold on

Hold on I say

If that’s all you do

I know your eye is on lots more

And juggling has become your art

But beware my friend

Don’t you forget

Amongst the lot

There’s one so rare

You must  ensure

You pass it on

To the ones to come

Unscathed, unchanged

As genuine as when

It passed to you

Whatever you do

Don’t drop that ball

Or you will be accused

Of breaking the chain

Usurping the heritage

Of  thousands of years

The children wait

To take their place

So please my friend

Don’t drop that ball!

It’s worth much more

Than all the rest


I Believe In Miracles

Another one from my scrap paper collection……( Dont throw scrap paper away especially if they have been around for 10 years. Cos you know you are a scribbler. You might miss something important)

I believe in a baby’s smile

I believe in a mother’s love

I believe in a peaceful world

Where every need is met

I believe the sun will shine

I believe dreams do come true

I believe a new day arrives

Where skies are clear and blue

But you say……..

There is no cure for this disease

There is no food for this hungry child

This old man must sleep in the cold tonight

Don’t you know…….

There are visions the eye can’t see

There are sounds the ear can’t hear

There is beauty beyond my touch

A taste of heaven in my heart

I believe in strength unseen

To come up ‘tops’ when one is down

I believe in tiny steps

That takes me closer to my dreams

I believe in holding on

‘Cos giving up is the easy way out

I believe life is full of miracles

Though one a day is all we need


A Voice Bigger Than Mine

I speak and the mountains tremble

I sigh and the cool breeze blows

I sneeze and disease flees

I laugh and enemies are in disarray

I smile and hearts are enlarged


Every word and every sound

Is a synonym of another

Calling for it’s similars

Joining forces as one

There is no ripple effect

That cannot be traced to a single sound


The bells of change will ring

In a shiftless world

Because a voice refused to be silent

If one voice can do such wonders

Imagine what a chorus of voices can do


There is a voice bigger than mine

My teeny tiny voice needs magnifying

There is melody and harmony

When voices join in a never ending chain

The world can not help but stop and listen

To the sound of many as one


We speak and the mountains tremble

We sigh and the cool breeze brings refreshing

We sneeze and oppression is depressed everywhere

We laugh and the sound is a sign of victory

But only if we do it as one


I need a voice bigger than mine

I need your voice, and yours and yours

Let the change begin with one

Let the sound reverberate

Many voices together as one.