Confidently Needy – (Its a Celebrity’s Show)


I have met a few
Perhaps so have you
It’s a clever disguise
Oh so alluring
We so want to be like ‘them’
We yearn for an express ticket
A fast train straight to stardom
Can’t you see how good they look
But you can’t always tell
A book by just its cover
Glossy & Classy,
Intriguingly Snazzy
But I tell you what
Its often plain grey inside
Seen from afar, so colour – full
It’s everything you ever dreamed
But up close and personal
You’ll see you’ve been tricked
The trendy confident rap
Is simply a call to action
A rehearsed drama
To get your attention
It’s the glint in your eye
The adoring roar of your voice
The sunshine behind your eyes
Tells them you are so alive
Your pure innocent delightful self
Untouched by all the pretence
They remember how it used to be
They want some of that again
They crave your adoration
If only for a second
It makes them feel validated
For all the choices made
Don’t sell your very soul
For an airbrushed job
That Famous Celebrity status
But are they really worth celebrating?
You decide, all by your intelligent self
Is what you see, what you really get?
You’d better learn the art
‘Cos if you can’t see beyond
The glossy cover & dream lifestyle
If you can’t see the pain behind the smile
You will be pulled in, trapped & enslaved
By their well practised poses
Designed to capture, to captivate, to drain
Your natural, unfeigned, untarnished energy
Much of theirs got jaded long ago
They are on a hunt
For vulnerable prey
They have to make it all Worthwhile
So so needy
But you’d never guess
‘Confidently’ needy
That’s what they really are
They come in many shapes
Big Preachers, Famous Actors & the like
Live shows that never close even when at home
Always on stage even if dying inside
A mismatch of the cover and the pages
So don’t be dazzled by their dazzlers
You are the real thing
If your cover matches your rhyme
Don’t swap your ‘plain’ for their ‘cool’
Just be you, much better to be you
Enjoy the simplicity of being you
Who needs dazzlers covering emptiness
So just be you
Don’t buy the lie
Disguise is unnecessary
Life is worth more than that
Live fully intact, Body, Soul & Spirit
When Pretence finally unravels
It ain’t a pretty sight at all
No need for you to be counterfeit
Living ‘confidently’needy
Pretending to be the ‘bomb’
If you stay true to you
You’ll easily see
You are better off
Being naturally confident
Untainted by deceitful glory

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

True Love Gives and gives and gives and gives and………….

What is love

If not given

What is a gift

If not received

The heart that gives

Has its own needs

But while it gives

It is filled to the full

To be all poured out

Into another’s emptiness

Is the way to receive

From an infinite source

Treasures more real

Than can be touched

Healing to one’s soul

Joy to the heart

And peace of mind too

A higher living

Beyond one’s own needs

For sustenance and Love

Becoming a wellspring

Of providencial aid

True love does not

Seal off its vault

For fear of loss

Of the little it has

True love lets in

Pure heavenly light

It’s own emptiness filling up

With a new zest for life itself

And that is the way

To live fulfilled

Fearlessly truimphant

Over what tomorrow holds.