Beauty For Ashes (Letting Go of Sadness)

Sadness overwhelming

Can capture the vulnerable soul

It creeps in silently when guards are down

It highlights life’s endless travesties

Committed against the soul in times gone by

The soul is thrust into grievious grief

An endless free fall into darkest darkness


Sadness wraps its dark hands tightly around

A stranglehold on the valve of life

The little light that gave some joy and hope

Begins to get dimmer, soon overpowered

Sadness can cover like a cloak

Anything that keeps the soul alive

The weary pilgrim can hardly take another step

Sadness can make that soul curse the day

The day it entered this place called earth.


Sadness listens not to reasonable reason

It will not be assuaged by logical logic

It grips tenaciously and won’t let go

Dragging victims into deepest darkness

Where they long for the escape of even death

Where life looses its very taste

Smiles are foreign entities sent to tease

Meaningless and powerless against the tide


Sadness has forced many dignified hands

To extinguish hope and long to end a life

Sadness is an enemy, a deadly disease

Gaining ground like a virulent virus

It infects every colour with blackest tar

And leaves lives panting at the edge of hell’s abyss

One more minute in its grip is sheer torment

Many, even great ones choose to rather die


We can’t give in to this secret enemy

Who forces many to wallow in the mire

Of yesterday’s disappointments

And betrayals never avenged

It makes us feel like locked-up victims

And yes we often really are the victims

But that is just the start of the story

There’s more but better yet to unfold

We remain locked – up as we look behind us

When our true worth is but hidden ahead


So no one loves you now, Perhaps they don’t.

So life has been unfair, Perhaps it still is

If it’s truly no fault of yours, and even if it is

The past has no real hold on you today

It owes you debts it can never pay

No matter how hard you think and crave

Forgive it’s hurts and betrayals inflicted

And rather turn around towards the future

Many loves unseen await you there

Unfairness will bend over backwards to be fair to you

But only in the future if you let yourself live


Don’t give up now and die unloved

Reach out and live for others lost like you

Your life will have new meaning soon

Sadness will ease its stranglehold on you

And up the tunnel you will climb

Towards the light that never grows dim

It beckons now, please pay heed to it

It wants to give you beauty for your ashes


[ Broken – Ness] What I Need

What I need

No one can give

Not me, not you, not even them

Can fix this broken – ness


I need a cure

For this Dis-ease

Like none I have ever had 

Human hands

Just won’t do


They cannot seem to mend

This spiralling break

This broken – ness

Inside my crumbling soul


Every touch I have ever had

Left me needy, oh so needy

Ah, this pain so overwhelming

Is more than a lick of paint can fix


It is a neverending shooting pain

A pulsating throb of painful jabs, 

At my very Core, so broken up

Broken – Ness has made its stay here


Parchments of splinters

Pieces pieced together

With sticky messy glue

Which never holds  long enough

For me to catch my breath


What I need? …. (sigh)

No. Not just a hug or fickle words?

This broken – ness so well disguised

With smiles, and colour and cheer

I cannot escape its gripping hands

They go beyond your touch


So if you see me cry out loud

Or yelp like a circling pet

Don’t think it so strange a thing

The mask has simply slipped

You got a glimpse inside


Don’t pat my head to soothe

Don’t give me useless words

Don’t mock my pieced up gait

As I tread on broken limbs


I need  everything I have

Just to make it through today

What I need beyond myself

Is more than you can endure

Unfathomable, I am to you

This type, You’ve never seen


So broken, I am broken – ness

I need to be made whole again

A new frame for me

Not this overused broken pieces

I need to breathe

Devoid of pain

A breath of a new begining


I need an angel sent for me

I need those healing springs that save

So let me be with my broken-ness

Until my deliverer comes