Growing Old Gracefully


Advancing forcefully forward
The years have left their mark
A sprinkling of grey
On that bushy eyebrow
Left untamed by life

Life – now that is a different ball game
I heard a Sage once say
Forget the past
Let go, no regrets
Move on
Press forward
Achieve your goals
I have done so
In leaps and bounds
My life does make me proud

What the Sage forgot to say
Is that time and age does catch up with you
This mirror hanging on the wall
Has never really interested me
I whizzed by each day
Never saying hello
To the changing image
Of what remains when perpetual youth departs.

Life does insist we pause
So it can gloat at the effect it’s had
When we compare our present image
To what we thought will never fade
Youthful zest and vigour
Ego so full, irresistible vitality
Replaced with what we can only call ‘old’.

As I pause to take a glance
I am entranced by the image I see
Advancing forcefully forward
Does truly leave it’s mark
Not only in dreams and goals achieved
And many Accolades gathered
But also in tired lines,
Sculpted and etched on a once picture perfect face

Looking at my altered matured visage
And the sprinkling of grey in my moustache
It’s a peculiar, distinguished look
That tells the story of a life fully lived

I can’t decide which is more captivating
The present image or the past one
Untested youthfulness
Is gorgeous and intoxicating
But the grandeur of the aged
Is hidden behind wrinkles and a knowing look
Well worth it if embraced

I agree with what you say, Mirror
Life has made me a Sage too
Yes, I have truly advanced forcefully
In more ways than one
And the result is very captivating
But only to the well trained eye.


Inspirational Snippet #22 – Make A Move

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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No one likes queues that seem to be going no way. We get all worked up if we find ourselves in one.
What is hard to immediately remember is that, our position in the queue is still ahead of the one who has not started their journey yet.
It is better to be in the slow lane in life than to be in no lane at all. We are always learning and growing because life is designed to be progressive but only if we apply ourselves and confront challenges and refuse to hide away or bury our heads in the sand like an Ostrich.
Life goes on whether you are aware of it or not, whether you engage with it or not. It is easy to focus on the many others that are ahead of you, to focus on how little time you have left, to focus on your limitations and the obstacles in your way. But remember, although it is overcrowded at the bottom of the road, there is still movement happening and sooner than later, if you persist, you will find yourself on a freeway, with less competition, with more choice of how fast you want to go. It’s better at the top. Join the traffic, keep inching forward, persist, get to the top! That is where you are destined to be


Inspirational Snippet #13 – Reflections

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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How do we get rid of negative thoughts? By purposefully focusing and reflecting on positive, empowering thoughts until our minds are so made up that negative thought simply no longer have any power to dominate our thinking. They simply flutter by almost as soon as they arrive like birds without a home. We see them fly away with very little effort from us.


ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

Inspirational Snippet #8 – Times & Seasons

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As uploaded daily to http://www.Facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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Have you ever heard the saying; cut your coat according to your size? The problem is, most of us either underestimate or over estimate our sizes and move into new seasons unprepared for that season. We often also assume new seasons are just better versions of the old. No. New seasons are NEW. Plan for your future. Learn its dimensions and features. Prepare for it. Change old attitudes and skill sets. Make adjustments and or extensions. Buffer up or decrease supplies. Prepare also for the unpredictable. Most of all, acknowledge and accept the season. Live a pragmatic and realistic lifestyle. Don’t create a lifestyle that leaves you deficient. Be wise.


Been Away

I have been away for close to three weeks for my mother’s funeral. She has now been laid to rest.

I am so humbled by the continuous visits to my blog even when there have been no new posts. Thank you to everyone. My facebook, twitter and other network friends have also been amazing with their continuous patronage of my writings. Thanks.

It will probably take me another week to get back into the full swing of things but I will just like to say that I am happy to be back and looking forward to posting some new and exciting write ups (I am waiting for the inspiration to hit me soon…) and also looking forward to visiting your blogs and pages.

Also, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award just at the end of May 2012 by Subhan Zein but had to travel before I could accept it. I look forward to doing that now, if it is not too late. Thanks Subhan.

Great to be back! Missed you all !


About Blogging – Oh My Blog! What have you done to me? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo`

I was just sitting typing away

Minding my own business

‘You write a lot’ he said

‘Why don’t you share it with others?’


‘But I share a lot already’ I replied

This is for my eyes only

I do all I can for others

There isn’t much more I can do


Even now, my life’s congested

Taking care of home and kids

Dont forget I have work and church too

How do you propose I find more time

To share the things I write?


‘It’s so easy’ he said.

No need to write them twice

Just ‘post’ your notes on a ‘blog’

And that’s enough, it has been shared.


‘I am not convinced’ I said

I don’t know much about ‘posts’, ‘shares’ and ‘blogs’.

But I think it does take more

Than what you’ve just infered.


And anyway, the things I write

They are just scribbles to me

You know how I love to scribble

Don’t think it will be very exciting

For others to read  my silly scribbles


What was it you said I should do?

What was the word again?

Blog? Blogging?

It sounds most peculiar

Like some kind of sickness

Which is very hard to shift


I have just learnt about status updates

Which I now do religiously

For the two twin brothers

Popularly called Facebook and Twitter

And now I have to ‘blog?’


If you are reading this now

It is prove the blog did start

Don’t ask me to tell you how 

But turns out I was right all along

About blogs, about blogging


It voracious when it captures a victim

Far worse than an infection could be

Now I am totally hooked

Hooked on this dis-Ease


As if I wasn’t held hostage already

By those two captive masters,

Popularly called Facebook and Twitter

I have to ‘post’ and link my blog to them.

Now I’m captive more than twice over

To my very own jailer called ‘blog’

Who forces me to cavort endlessly

With the twins, Facebook and Twitter


As if that’s not enough

‘Blog’ has spread me very thin

I have to serve and wait upon

The other cousins of the family too

Digg, Press This, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Google…..

Phew! I’m out of breath just naming them all.


I am not complaining, not at all

It’s so much fun and that’s the truth

So fun I can do nothing else

What is spare time now?

There’s none to spare


I am addicted to ‘likes’ and ‘comments’

And that strange one called ‘plug -ins’

I plug in so much I am all plugged out

I live for each new ‘hit’ I see


The very weird thing is this

It is just like keeping another home

‘Blog’ must be tidied over and over again

It must be presentable, warm and welcoming too


So I now have two homes to care for

I clean, I weed, I greet, I share, I tweak……

What’s more shocking, there’s others just like me

It’s a whole community of thinkers,.. errr… captives

We hang out, we spy, sometimes we comment

Oh dear, I am so stuck and loving it too

Can’t seem to shift this sickness called ‘blog’.

Oh Blog! Give us a break! Don’t want to share my thoughts today.