Romancing the cold
The cold cold chill
Thawing the deep freeze
Rising from deep within
Unquenchable, unmistakeable

It’s a new kind of feeling
Yet not a feeling at all
Feelings are hard to control
This one is at my command
In the direst of times
I summon it to arise

From somewhere deep inside
No matter what the outside dictates
It rises and fills me up
It makes me unquestionably strong
You ask me what it is
It is joy unspeakable
Priceless pure joy
Such as the world cannot give.



Inspirational Snippet #17- Ingenuity

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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It is said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. There is a natural human disposition towards an inner tenacity that is simply inspirational when seen on display in others. There are people who come back from the very edge of utter hopelessness. Some have suffered the greatest tragedies in life but somehow find a way to use that same total devastation and turn it into their greatest tool for achieving what is ordinarily impossible. Difficulties and challenges can be your making, taking you in directions you would never have considered otherwise. So instead giving up or trying so hard to undo whatever has happened to you or whatever challenge you are confronted with, show it, and the world that there is ‘something inside so strong’. Use your challenge. Don’t let it abuse and waste you. Do with it what only you can do. Go on! Surprise Yourself. Get ingenuis, get creative. Make some lemonade out of your lemons and serve it grand to the world. We are waiting …….


Can’t Hide Forever

…From my collection of my 10 years old scrap papers

When Life throws you down

Learn to stand again

Learn to walk again

If not you will soon forget

What it means to take a step

Like the phoenix awake from the ashes

You’ve got to rise above the waters

Dont drown the hero in you

Heros are not made to hide

If you hide inside a bottle

Soon a drink wont be enough

To dull the ache inside

If you hide inside the music

Soon you’ll hear the last note sound

If you hide inside your head

Loneliness will chase you out

You can hide behind others

But soon you’ll go your separate ways


So try again,  come on

Rise to the challenge called life

Soon you’ll get the hang of it

You’ll be king of the rollercoaster ride