Inspirational Snippet #17- Ingenuity

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It is said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. There is a natural human disposition towards an inner tenacity that is simply inspirational when seen on display in others. There are people who come back from the very edge of utter hopelessness. Some have suffered the greatest tragedies in life but somehow find a way to use that same total devastation and turn it into their greatest tool for achieving what is ordinarily impossible. Difficulties and challenges can be your making, taking you in directions you would never have considered otherwise. So instead giving up or trying so hard to undo whatever has happened to you or whatever challenge you are confronted with, show it, and the world that there is ‘something inside so strong’. Use your challenge. Don’t let it abuse and waste you. Do with it what only you can do. Go on! Surprise Yourself. Get ingenuis, get creative. Make some lemonade out of your lemons and serve it grand to the world. We are waiting …….


Inspirational Snippet #11- The Golden Rule

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How we are perceived by others means a lot to us. This poster will elicit two different responses: it will upset some and / or empower them, positively I hope. It depends on whether you have been at the receiving end or the giving end of an attitude that flouts the golden rule. Have you ever met someone who seemed to boost their own ego by belittling other people? It is a sign of insecurity and low self esteem. It is a cry for help by someone who is hurting inside and hates him or herself. It is an effort to mask the pain in their own lives by coming across as someone in control and in charge or seemingly superior to others. Don’t let someone like that destroy your self esteem. And if you are like that please get some help before you destroy yourself and alienate others. Lets stop all forms of abuse. Lets all practice being more considerate. Only do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.





Is Beauty Gone With The Wind?

True beauty is rare indeed

More rare than anything

Anything you can see

Anything you can feel

Anything you can touch


True beauty never fades

It is inexhaustible

It never grows old

It springs up and fills the senses


It can’t be pinned down

It’s a free spirit

Many seek after it

Often only finding its servants


It is all around us yet still strangely illusive

Many waste their share

Not realising what it is they had

No amount of money can equal it’s price

Yet many seek to buy it and end up with a fraud


It is plain for all to see

Often attributed mistaken identities

It is only really known when valued

Ironically, it is often valued too late


It’s infectious, it’s voracious

It captures the willing heart

And hides within its smouldering embers

It never dies, it simply evolves

Changing, Erupting but never ceasing


Freely flowing but never gone

Never ever gone

Not gone with the wind

LIFE my friend, is truly beautiful


Embracing Passions New ( When no one gets what is making you tick)

Anxious me

Fretting heart

Can’t think straight

Tides rushing in

I know I’m safe

If I just let go

But this lifeline

Is long overdue

Can’t let go

Of this last chance


You think out loud

Your last chance? who told you so?

But I can’t explain it

It’s a knowing beyond words

This is it, This is it for me

So I must hold on

I must go on

If for nothing else

To just find out

If there really is treasure

At the end of this rainbow

Anxious me

You would be too

If grey clouds were all

Your sky could host

And now a rainbow

Pretty array of colours

Proudly spans your globe

I know its real

It sets my heart on fire

My beating racing heart

Gets no reprieve

It fills up with excitement

The joyful anxious kind

Desperate to explore

This rainbow I see

Although you can’t see it

It’s a sure sign for me

A calling I must obey

I must follow through

Can’t let go now

Can’t revert to type

The me you know

The me for whom

No one but you

Filled up my world

That me you know

Pleadingly requests

Please share my heart

With this rainbow I see

Free my wings

To touch the sky

For now, Intangible dreams

But to this dreamer so real

It’s Passion’s embrace

And I can’t deny it

My predictable boring life

Now an invisible molten flame

That requires expression

One we can’t shut down

So please come with me

As I have done with you

It’s no diversion

Just a new discovery

One I’ll rather share with you

Than hide from you

I can only reach it,

If I am free to feel it

Free to express it.

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo, POEMS

It’s A Swap

Tired of waiting, Tired of talking

Tired of smiling, Tired of dreaming

Tired of holding on, Holding on to thin air

Intangible wishes, Even beggars refuse to ride

How much longer, How much more

What else need I give

Hollow inside, Vacuum so deep

Empty sighs, Filled with nothing

Does it sound like I will ever make it through?

Probably not, If you go by what you see

But when all is said and done

I depend not on sight

Although in me there is nothing new

Nothing it seems to hold on to

I am connected to another

Unlike me, this one abounds

In riches that reach the weary soul

This wonderous one, Is full of life

Exuding  energy, Breathing hope

Transmitting power, Shining through the dark

Glows even brighter, Splendourous to behold

Full of substance, Full of beauty

Freely gives, No recourse to others opinion

Beauty for my ashes, Life for lifelessness

Bliss beyond dreams, A reality so real

Tangible hope, Even thin air can’t hide it

An exchange I don’t deserve

Dreams becoming real

For more of this I’m willing

Willing to wait when hope seems gone

A foretaste of better promises

I have no excuse but to yearn for more

I feel so alive when I’m connected

Too alive to stop talking

Too alive to stop smiling

I laugh out loud at every storm

It can’t take me, I am too alive

Too alive to be swallowed by sorrow

Too energised to give in to tiredness

I am awake and I have to tell this tale

Tell everyone I meet about my story

There’s no need to shrivel up

When hope itself becomes hopeless

There’s a place you can go

To receive refreshing

And wake up to brand new life

If only you are willing

To swap misery for victory

Don’t ask me where, ‘Cos if you really search

You will find it there, Right where you are

Just be willing to say, It’s a swap, It’s a deal.


I Believe In Miracles

Another one from my scrap paper collection……( Dont throw scrap paper away especially if they have been around for 10 years. Cos you know you are a scribbler. You might miss something important)

I believe in a baby’s smile

I believe in a mother’s love

I believe in a peaceful world

Where every need is met

I believe the sun will shine

I believe dreams do come true

I believe a new day arrives

Where skies are clear and blue

But you say……..

There is no cure for this disease

There is no food for this hungry child

This old man must sleep in the cold tonight

Don’t you know…….

There are visions the eye can’t see

There are sounds the ear can’t hear

There is beauty beyond my touch

A taste of heaven in my heart

I believe in strength unseen

To come up ‘tops’ when one is down

I believe in tiny steps

That takes me closer to my dreams

I believe in holding on

‘Cos giving up is the easy way out

I believe life is full of miracles

Though one a day is all we need


There’s Love In the Air

This is a song I wrote 10 years ago. I just rediscovered it among some other ones in an old envelope of scrap papers I was going to throw away. Lesson: Don’t throw scrap papers away if you are a scribbler like me.


There’s love in the air

I feel it in the sunshine

It makes my skin tingle

I feel it in the morning breeze

There’s love all around me


I see it in a baby’s smile

It feels my my heart with hope

The innocent faces of the young

Are filled with love untainted


It’s there in all of us

The urge to care for another

But the experiences of our lives

Hardens the softness inside



Come with me on this Journey

Lets put aside our differences

Lets discover love again

It is in the aiar around us

We can find it if we try


A world free from wars

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the lost

Hope for the Future

Where we stand together as one


Forgiveness for the past

Respect for one another

Acceptance of our differences

Hope for the future

Where we stand together as one