Who can hold on to it?
Those who don’t have it
They want it
Those who have it:-
Some give it away
Some hold on so tight
When all is said and done
Both are the same
Power cannot be owned
It is always on a lease
No matter what, that lease expires
While you have it
You can share it and enjoy it
Or you can hoard it and let it destroy you
Power in whatever form or shape
Is a master often disguised as a servant
How you treat it determines your end
Power is borrowed
It never really is yours
No matter how heady it feels
And if you forget that
You will expire
Before your time.


Time Waits Only In Dreams

Another day is over
A new one has begun
But time has no beginning
And no end except for us
It camouflages its passing
With changes in seasons
As if to mark its path
With memories of how we were
Our joys and sorrows
Framed in stills of time
While time itself whizzed on

Time gives us what it can
Junctions at which we have to pause,
To reflect, rest and to take off again.
As if to draw us to chase after it
To try and recover our lost illusions
But time has no time to wait on our whims
Day follows night, day and night and day and
Light follows dark, light and dark and light and
Our senses try to adjust
To events as they unfold
But time does us no favours
It leaves us trying to unravel the present
While gazing at a past we can’t seem to let go of

Before we know we are done
Time speeds ahead, not a minute to spare
While we rest and play and work,
And some sleep and some even die
Time does not even stop to blink
It marches on untouched by our human drama
Summer, winter, autumn, spring
Simply loops on which time cycles
Riding on in its pomp in mockery of human frailty
Moving upwards in spirals of motion
Unperturbed by our emotions
Un-delayed by history, it marches on
Never to repeat the cycle of today
It heads for tomorrow at break neck speed
And we chase after never catching up

Time is resolute in its commitment
To move forward come what may
It does not hold on to events that trip us
No matter how gruesome or glorious they may seem
While people mourn the passing of a great one,
And historians record other milestones
The new dawn greets us with the cry of a new born
Another doomed to chase after time
Time does its work with certain conviction
And so must we from one day to the next

So no matter how hard today may have been
We must remember tomorrow is on its way
So we prepare to say bye to the now
Making each ticking second worth our while
Whether we choose to rest, play or work
The choice is ours, now is a gift soon passing on
Intangible memories are ours to keep
While we strive to keep in step with time
Today’s events hide the beginnings
Of a new day that will soon pass too
It’s no use being in a hurry
Or else you’ll miss life which is for living
And still not catch up with time anyway
It’s no use withdrawing from the race either
Life is still the time we spend in living

The time you are given is gone when it is gone
Time is on the move, it waits for no one
It has a journey it must complete
And so do you
This is your time, right now is yours
But never forget that with or without you
Time moves on
You can choose to dance or give up and cry
And still Time moves on


(Dreams) Frozen In Time


Frozen in time
Waiting for life to start
Plain to see
Life took you unawares
You thought giant strides had been made
Cos you gave a 100%
After all the years gone by
Destiny still feels undecided
Somewhere deep down you know
Your life as you often dreamed it
Never really did start
Young dreams
Frozen in time
Fantasy never realised
But no regrets, you say
You’ll just keep living
Giving it all You’ve got
These dreams may yet unfreeze
Until then
No regrets to mourn


Inspirational Snippets #6 – Fortitude

As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/SelasiebulmuoSubscribe by clicking on the ‘like’ button on the above Facebook page link
As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
Subscribe by clicking on the ‘like’ button on the above Facebook page link

Have you ever been caught in a storm with no cover and no where to run to? Life does that sometimes. It stops you in your tracks. The storm can be so heavy that everything around you gets pulled down and blown away. You have stores of fortitude inside you deposited by your very design to kick in at such times only. The storm cannot take you if you find that something. ‘Something inside so strong’ . Hold on and meet your real self. That is what the storm is all about. It seeks to introduce you to you. So when there is nothing to hold on to, stay still and let the designer’s deposits in you do the work. Peace in the storm is an inside job. Hold on. You will make it if you don’t run.


Hold On

It may seem like a lot to ask

When all your strength has sipped away

When disillusionment stands it ground

Refusing to yield to the change you want.

When nothing is all you seem to get

As a reward for all you’ve done

Please find that place deep within

And hold on, please just  hold on still


You rack your mind all day and night

For a vestige, just a bit  of hope

A small glimmer of sunshine will do

A wee little smile to mask the pain

When the tears you can’t restrain

Fall amidst your folorn domain

It’s so much easier to just give up

To simply walk away this time.


Hold on dear one, please hold on

When the sun won’t shine at all

Hold on, please just find a way

When your heart is locking down

Hold on, please look inside again

When all desire seems to be gone

There’s always a sweetness in the rock

A peculiar softness in the hardest place

Music chimes  within  the chaos

There’s a calm within this very storm

An all illusive gem beneath the grime


It is the irony of life, my friend

The darkest hour ever seen

Is just before sweet dawn breaks through

Right in the core of this disaster

A miracle awaits the one

Who inspite of all the odds

Will choose to hold on still

And if the ground beneath you gives

And there is nothing to hold on to

Still hold on, oh please, please do

Find the Anchor, true and main

That will never shift or move

And hold on my dear, Just hold on

A new day is fast approaching

It is not time to quit just yet

So please my hero, just hold on