Who can hold on to it?
Those who don’t have it
They want it
Those who have it:-
Some give it away
Some hold on so tight
When all is said and done
Both are the same
Power cannot be owned
It is always on a lease
No matter what, that lease expires
While you have it
You can share it and enjoy it
Or you can hoard it and let it destroy you
Power in whatever form or shape
Is a master often disguised as a servant
How you treat it determines your end
Power is borrowed
It never really is yours
No matter how heady it feels
And if you forget that
You will expire
Before your time.


Cheaters (the kiss of betrayal)

You say it’s yours

You know it’s not

It mine and has been

Right from the start

My silence is not permission

for you to take what’s mine

Without a modicum of repentance


Your thoughts tell you

I am weak and stupid

Too weak to try to stop you

Unknown to you

You are in a battle

Not with me but with the one whose I am


His hand is swift

His judgement quick

He fights my battles

Even greater ones than this

What you’ve taken so slyly

By trickery and sleight

Will never really be yours


All it takes is a tiny breath

From his nostril

On you and your lot

And for trying to do me harm

Camouflaged with your smiles

Your reward is dire

If I so desire


But I have prayed for you

That mercy will find you

And release you

From this trap you set for yourself

When you thought in your heart

To duel with such a one as I


It should have been obvious to you

That I am chosen

Marked out by him

He maintains my

And for encroaching even if only silently

On me and mine

You incur his wrath


So cheater, amend your ways

Your name is emblazoned

On a self stamped envelope

Postmarked ‘destruction’

It’s headed your way

If you don’t change your ways.


Afraid To Succeed?

Deep down in the recesses of my mind

I have a full proof plan

My confidence is sure

My energy is adequate

I can see the results

Of all my endeavours

How it will all pan out

Is no longer a mystery

But in the glare of daylight

My doubts begin to surface

Those niggling unfounded theories

Based on other’s experiences

My heart tells me ‘escape’

Do not try to be like them

They also thought they had a plan

Now look how their lives turned out.

So when the clock strikes nine

And it’s time to take a risk

I slink back in fear

And take a minute too long to re-evaluate

My already well thought out plan

I reorganise my full proof scheme

I recheck my resources

Though not enough, they fit the task

Soon opportunity can no longer wait

And I am right back where I started from

Afraid to make the first move

What a wreck this whole process is

I know for a fact that ‘I can succeed’

But facts don’t matter without action

Still too afraid to start.

My source and reserves are sure

Got to get rid of fear

And dive right in

Into the big blue sea

There are giant fishes ready to be caught

By great ones like me for sure

That’s the spirit, come on lets do this




I Need My Mind

What do you do with your mind? How do you use it? The mind is a processing unit that does not stop working. If misused and unserviced it simply malfunctions and its output becomes unreliable ( mad).

Like it or not, your mind will not be idle, it will produce the building blocks for your actions, drive and direction in life. It can send you on a wild goose chase where you build castles in the air and never reap a tangible authentic yield from your efforts or it can leave you fearful, lethargic and unproductive.

It is important we understand how our minds work, what we can do to influence its directions and its output, how we can channel them towards the greatest productivity and synergy in our endeavours and lead a life of proven results and not of vain, unfounded, pompous imaginations /constructs of our own greatness or fearful, timid, ‘one step forward, two steps backwards’ confusion.Take hold of your thoughtlife, be real, think well, service your mental processor, live optimally.


[ Broken – Ness] What I Need

What I need

No one can give

Not me, not you, not even them

Can fix this broken – ness


I need a cure

For this Dis-ease

Like none I have ever had 

Human hands

Just won’t do


They cannot seem to mend

This spiralling break

This broken – ness

Inside my crumbling soul


Every touch I have ever had

Left me needy, oh so needy

Ah, this pain so overwhelming

Is more than a lick of paint can fix


It is a neverending shooting pain

A pulsating throb of painful jabs, 

At my very Core, so broken up

Broken – Ness has made its stay here


Parchments of splinters

Pieces pieced together

With sticky messy glue

Which never holds  long enough

For me to catch my breath


What I need? …. (sigh)

No. Not just a hug or fickle words?

This broken – ness so well disguised

With smiles, and colour and cheer

I cannot escape its gripping hands

They go beyond your touch


So if you see me cry out loud

Or yelp like a circling pet

Don’t think it so strange a thing

The mask has simply slipped

You got a glimpse inside


Don’t pat my head to soothe

Don’t give me useless words

Don’t mock my pieced up gait

As I tread on broken limbs


I need  everything I have

Just to make it through today

What I need beyond myself

Is more than you can endure

Unfathomable, I am to you

This type, You’ve never seen


So broken, I am broken – ness

I need to be made whole again

A new frame for me

Not this overused broken pieces

I need to breathe

Devoid of pain

A breath of a new begining


I need an angel sent for me

I need those healing springs that save

So let me be with my broken-ness

Until my deliverer comes


To be or Not to be?


To be or not to be ? That is the question. Our greatest fear is not our inability to become. Our greatest fear comes from knowing deep down that we do actually have the ability to become if only we will make the move. We fear living all our lives never having made that move.
Step into your season of ‘becoming’ today.



Destiny’s voice calls out
See me ! Over here ! here I am !
To this call, we must respond.


When Time Stood Still

It was like a still photo

Time captured and framed

Of people in transit

During life’s journey


Faces fixed,

Transfixed in time

Naked desires etched on life’s polaroid

Caught in time, undisguised


The eager face

The hurried look

The captivating smile

The ‘life is mine’ look


The ‘I am so fed up’ stance

‘I just want to go’ look

‘I believe I can fly’

‘Give me a chance’ look


The sober frown

The depressed and sad look

The Secretive brow

The ‘I could care less’ look


The tired but satisfied smile

The ‘I am so angry’ look

So many looks, some unfathomable

Except by the wearer


But if you pay careful attention

You will soon see

There’s a story peering out

A story behind every look


Caught and framed by time

Secrets and sins,

Longings, intents of the heart

You can’t miss it, if you look adepthly


It’s in the eye

It’s in the smile

It’s in the curve of the head

In the body’s sway now fixed


Where did the story start?

Where will it trully end?

Will it take you where you want?

Will it end in despair?


This trail that you are on

If left to move ahead

Will the future have your name

Etched in gold or black?


If time had not famed it so

We will simply pass on by

In our hurry to arrive

At nowhere called somewhere


Time does do us all that favour

It can stand still for a moment

And capture our very being

At a point in transition


The shot is ours

Time will frame it

If we each can spare a minute

To have a proper look



Witha chance to pause

Our faces will announce 

Their own peculiar stories

To each of us anew


With a new perspective gained

Time will give you a paint brush

To add your chosen colours

And change the story’s trail


Or move it on a notch

To a pre-arranged destination

Time will surely be there

In a place called ‘future’


Smiling down at you

‘Cos you took a minute

When others could not wait

To stand still and gaze


When time itself stood still

To teach you your story true

In a picture it framed of you.

Don’t be in such a hurry. Take a minute and gain valuable perspective.