Inspirational Snippet #21 – Better Days Ahead

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Trouble does not last forever. Your skies will not always be grey.
You can’t always tell the future by what you see today. Today’s circumstances may not be good indicators of the possibilities of the future.
Don’t let fear destroy your destiny. Don’t be afraid to fail so much that you get stuck in today’s circumstances. Venture out. Don’t be afraid of the loud threats, the thundering announcements of more dread ahead, the shocking unexpected flashes of lightening that destabilises your peace. Above all, don’t give up hope.
Don’t give up trying again. There are better days ahead, if you don’t quit on life, if you refuse to believe that change will never come. Soon the thundering quietens down.
Look up, there will soon be a rainbow in your sky. Wait for your rainbow sky. Keep looking up. Keep moving forward. Change is coming.