Time Waits Only In Dreams

Another day is over
A new one has begun
But time has no beginning
And no end except for us
It camouflages its passing
With changes in seasons
As if to mark its path
With memories of how we were
Our joys and sorrows
Framed in stills of time
While time itself whizzed on

Time gives us what it can
Junctions at which we have to pause,
To reflect, rest and to take off again.
As if to draw us to chase after it
To try and recover our lost illusions
But time has no time to wait on our whims
Day follows night, day and night and day and
Light follows dark, light and dark and light and
Our senses try to adjust
To events as they unfold
But time does us no favours
It leaves us trying to unravel the present
While gazing at a past we can’t seem to let go of

Before we know we are done
Time speeds ahead, not a minute to spare
While we rest and play and work,
And some sleep and some even die
Time does not even stop to blink
It marches on untouched by our human drama
Summer, winter, autumn, spring
Simply loops on which time cycles
Riding on in its pomp in mockery of human frailty
Moving upwards in spirals of motion
Unperturbed by our emotions
Un-delayed by history, it marches on
Never to repeat the cycle of today
It heads for tomorrow at break neck speed
And we chase after never catching up

Time is resolute in its commitment
To move forward come what may
It does not hold on to events that trip us
No matter how gruesome or glorious they may seem
While people mourn the passing of a great one,
And historians record other milestones
The new dawn greets us with the cry of a new born
Another doomed to chase after time
Time does its work with certain conviction
And so must we from one day to the next

So no matter how hard today may have been
We must remember tomorrow is on its way
So we prepare to say bye to the now
Making each ticking second worth our while
Whether we choose to rest, play or work
The choice is ours, now is a gift soon passing on
Intangible memories are ours to keep
While we strive to keep in step with time
Today’s events hide the beginnings
Of a new day that will soon pass too
It’s no use being in a hurry
Or else you’ll miss life which is for living
And still not catch up with time anyway
It’s no use withdrawing from the race either
Life is still the time we spend in living

The time you are given is gone when it is gone
Time is on the move, it waits for no one
It has a journey it must complete
And so do you
This is your time, right now is yours
But never forget that with or without you
Time moves on
You can choose to dance or give up and cry
And still Time moves on

Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon - EXCERPTS

Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon – Excerpts


To my secret source of many warm honey drizzle and lemon drinks on my cold cold nights…………..you make me wax lyrical…only you, this is for you J.


I announce………

 ………..that life is for the living; but living can make us tired when there are no reprieves from all the dust we

 gather along life’s pilgrim way. This simply blocks our souls and now we go about, nursing our dry, parched,

 blocked up souls.

I have been there, this barren land, trying to soar on broken wings, hopping along, just wanting to live….

 Live….live like I know life is meant to be lived.

Life can make one’s soul weary, feels worse than a blocked nose on a cold winter’s night.

We cannot see through the fog.

We cannot smell the heady scent of the blooming rose,

We cannot sneeze it out, this chesty blockage in our souls,

We cannot cough it out.

I know what gives me sweet slow release

I need that remedy, which does not taste like medicine.

Give me my warm honey drizzle and lemon drink; Let me take a long long swig.

Let me sit awhile and drink. Drink from this serving of the brew of life.

It is relief for my troubled, cold soul. Let the ice melt away, let me live again.

Speak back my life to me, as I curl up warm and cosy to drink from;

These poetic rhymes,

These talking pictures

And real life stories that speak to me of me.

Let me know, I am not alone

Let me know you understand my story, HEAL MY SOUL


Three Lovely Questions – My Answers

Someone recently asked me three lovely questions. Since I will have to give them my answers tomorrow (actually today as it is 3 am now), I am sitting down to reflect and find answers straight from my heart. So here goes……..


  1. What identity means to you?

Identity to me means understanding all the facets of my life and how they fit into the big picture so that I am able to accept who I truly am (both my past and present) and to use this as a stepping stone and something to work with on my journey to becoming all I am destined to be ( which because of my faith is totally linked to God’s revelation to me of myself and my future). 

My identity is found and expressed in

Who I know I am (Not just according to me but also according to the word of God)

The things I do – My life’s purpose, the reason  I think I exist

The things I refuse to do – My boundaries and principles and Values

My commitment to what and who I am becoming.

(Notice, I didn’t include what I have, because that can be taken away and I still have to be me).


2.Why you write?


I found out at an early age that I loved solitude and my own company. When I am alone and undisturbed, inspired thoughts come to me, which often clarify something I have experienced or observed in my own life or in the lives of others. These often help me answer the ‘W’ questions – Why? What? Who? When? Where? Etc. When I was a child I did not know how to use this gift properly and will write long letters to my parents, friends etc expressing my disgust at something which they had done which I felt was wrong.

It was only later that I realised that my writing was a gift from God to be used specifically to question life and to provide answers or routes out of dysfunction. Many find ‘life’ difficult and confusing. Many write to educate others on different topics. Unlike them I do not consider myself an expert. I write first and foremost to give myself a chance to make sense of life. I write so that I can take a walk of reflection with someone else, so they know they are not alone in the way they feel, so my words can give expression to what they feel but cannot fully express or make sense of as yet. In coming to an understanding of the ‘whys’ they can perhaps begin to live life on an even keel with some strength and fortitude, finding ad paving a way through the darkness that sometimes surrounds us all. I like to think that I am a voice in the gap between where you are now and where you will like to be. At least that is my aim.

I am also preacher, so I tend to write messages putting my own reflective stamp on them so readers can understand the word of God and what it says about them a bit better.

I think I will have mental overload if I don’t write. My brain and thinking processes will get blocked. Writing is almost an offloading process for me.

Writing comes easily to me. It is a great blessing which I am only now beginning to take seriously.


3. What it means to be a woman?

Well, since I could very easily write volumes on this, to help me be brief, I will answer it in a poem.


Being Woman is versatility

Changing change itself

Being Woman is richness held in store

A bank that never runs out

Being Woman is beauty covering strength

Making the undo-able do-able

With grace and fortitude

Being woman is unveiling true greatness

Through sheer tenacity of spirit and grit

Without showing signs of breaking a sweat

Being woman is gentleness that remains true

And is not disfigured by pressure


Being woman is wisdom expressed

In more ways than the obvious

Being woman is elegance

Revealed through humility

Being woman is virtue

Having the ability to rise to every challenge

Being woman is Influence

Often without saying a word


A Woman is:

Softness, enfolding pain and healing it

Hardness, bringing change even without provision

Endurance, the expression of staying power

The kind only God can give


Woman is me

Whatever I need to be

To meet the needs in my world

Woman is embracing my uniqueness

As a treasure and a gift

That cannot be undone

The future awaits me

It is all mine

I am WOMAN !!!


[Life Lessons] – The Bus Stop – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I like to stand and gaze

To learn a thing or two

Of life and its varied subjects

I mean the human kind


I stood a pace away

From a busy city street

To see the bustle called life

As it unfolded at the nearest bus stop


Join me to see the plot

A throng of people moving

Where to I donot know

Differing paces, differing looks

Some ahurrying, some relaxed

In all directions to and fro

Some together, most alone


I see a red long bus approach

Different perspectives

Depends on your stance

For those already waiting

A simple climb in

Others were running

To catch that bus

Still other sitting inside unscathed

By the drama of the outside world


I learnt a lesson so very true

Three groups of people

you will always meet

Everyone it seems is trying

Trying to catch a long red bus

Some are in so unperturbed

Some are waiting for the bus to come

Some are late and must run a mile

Whatever the case

We all must try

Try if just once to catch that bus

Red, blue, short, tall, big, small

We will one day all have to catch one

 Whatever you do, whatever your game, whoever you are, you must get ready for your bus.