A Passing Ship In the Night


I saw a passing ship
During my midnight hour
It seemed to freely move
Away from where I’m docked
Locked down by ties that bind

I yearn to go aboard
For it to take me away
For there perhaps I’ll chance
Upon my delayed desires
Which time and tide forgot

To go I can’t, for bound I am
By vows I must not break
So here I stand unmoving
Both night and day unmoving
While yet another ship sails away
Away with my hopes and dreams


Pour Me Some Love












Pour Me some love

I wanna be giddy with it
Till I feel alive
You know I’m stuck on you
Revive my glory days
I wanna bloom
Beyond this gloom

My roots go a mile
In search of water
My thirst runs deep
My many fingered roots
Burrow here, there and everywhere

Searching, searching…
Water, just a drop please
You know how I like it
You know how I need you

I’m all fenced in
Can’t go nowhere
I’m rooted here
It’s dark, it’s dry, it’s killing
This living ain’t working

Revive me
Touch me
If you are there
If you can hear
Reach out….

Water my soul
Pour Me some love
Starve my quest
Quench this thirst

Water, water
Love, sweet love
Pour Me some love


Beauty For Ashes (Letting Go of Sadness)

Sadness overwhelming

Can capture the vulnerable soul

It creeps in silently when guards are down

It highlights life’s endless travesties

Committed against the soul in times gone by

The soul is thrust into grievious grief

An endless free fall into darkest darkness


Sadness wraps its dark hands tightly around

A stranglehold on the valve of life

The little light that gave some joy and hope

Begins to get dimmer, soon overpowered

Sadness can cover like a cloak

Anything that keeps the soul alive

The weary pilgrim can hardly take another step

Sadness can make that soul curse the day

The day it entered this place called earth.


Sadness listens not to reasonable reason

It will not be assuaged by logical logic

It grips tenaciously and won’t let go

Dragging victims into deepest darkness

Where they long for the escape of even death

Where life looses its very taste

Smiles are foreign entities sent to tease

Meaningless and powerless against the tide


Sadness has forced many dignified hands

To extinguish hope and long to end a life

Sadness is an enemy, a deadly disease

Gaining ground like a virulent virus

It infects every colour with blackest tar

And leaves lives panting at the edge of hell’s abyss

One more minute in its grip is sheer torment

Many, even great ones choose to rather die


We can’t give in to this secret enemy

Who forces many to wallow in the mire

Of yesterday’s disappointments

And betrayals never avenged

It makes us feel like locked-up victims

And yes we often really are the victims

But that is just the start of the story

There’s more but better yet to unfold

We remain locked – up as we look behind us

When our true worth is but hidden ahead


So no one loves you now, Perhaps they don’t.

So life has been unfair, Perhaps it still is

If it’s truly no fault of yours, and even if it is

The past has no real hold on you today

It owes you debts it can never pay

No matter how hard you think and crave

Forgive it’s hurts and betrayals inflicted

And rather turn around towards the future

Many loves unseen await you there

Unfairness will bend over backwards to be fair to you

But only in the future if you let yourself live


Don’t give up now and die unloved

Reach out and live for others lost like you

Your life will have new meaning soon

Sadness will ease its stranglehold on you

And up the tunnel you will climb

Towards the light that never grows dim

It beckons now, please pay heed to it

It wants to give you beauty for your ashes


Zoned Out (Stuck In Reverse)

Am I really here

Or am I not?

Totally zoned out

Is how I feel

How else can I

Describe this vacuum

This emptiness within my mind

It’s heavier than a ton of bricks

I am stuck in reverse under the load

No on moving traffic

Ideas and thoughts

Have been hijacked

By yesterday’s disappointments

And tomorrow’s anxieties

The present time is ticking by

Much as I try, my mind is blocked

Can’t think up visions

Of a better tomorrow

Can’t stop remembering yesterday

It’s ups and downs, It’s joys and pain

Seared on my mind

Therefore today is now disabled

It never stood a chance against

The onslaught of my jumbled thoughts

Zoned out, dismissed. Out of my own mind

Today could find no true expression

As moments slide by, one by one

Unused misused

By the surrounding chaos

Which won’t die out

Loosing today

Absent in the present

Lost in yesterday

Zoned out. Unplugged

Disconnected. Closed In

Clueless deception

Betrayal of Me

Oblivious unaware – ness

Today’s pain relief

It causes no pain

If I remain zoned out

I care not for today

Yesterday’s still too raw

Stuck in slow motion

Between two worlds

Today’s world that never was

And tomorrow”s world already lost

My life, my thoughts, Stuck in reverse


I Need Love – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I am like a big warm desert stone

Exposed to the whims of the elements

Unshielded, left unprotected

I cannot move to a place of freedom

I am imprisoned in this ground.


My body tells the horrid story

Of the fate I have been dealt over and over

By those who have passed this way

The howling  dry wind

The great desert storms

The  burning sun, so hot, so fierce


But the ones that grip my heart with pain

Are the lonely traveling pilgrims

Who sat and rested on my back

And put their feet on me awhile

But never thought to make their home

With a lonely desert stone like me


I thought they felt my loneliness

I thought they understood

But after they used me for a seat

They did not build a shield, a covering for me

I thought they will remember

The comfort and rest I gave so willingly

But one by one they just moved on.

Leaving me behind to my cruel desert fate


I am not as useless as I feel

I can remember the dreams we shared

When on my hard back you laid your pilgrim head

‘Cos no other pillow could you find

I can remember my arms were ready

To hold and carry all your luggage

I kept them intact while you explored nearby

I know your riches and your baggage

All the stuff, good and bad you carry with you.


But still you left me behind

Weaker than I was, when you first came along

You left me to the whims of the harsh elements

I long for one who will decide

To stay and brave the desert storms with me

I am a lonely desert stone

Imprisoned by this ground on which I stand


I wish I was free to go like you

So no more strangers can come along to use my back

And leave me behind when morning comes

Come stay with me oh pilgrim one

Let’s build a tent that will withstand time

I will be your comfort and you my shield

We will love each other till the end of time.

 Loneliness, the condition that disables even the great.