Unmask The Pain


A limb here, another there
Disembodied, emotionally crippled.
Bloody criminals!
Worse than you can imagine
Look what they’ve done
Emotional murder
Is as bad as physical
You’d think so too
If you could only see it
The confusion left behind
Murder! Disembodied! Scattered!
Barely alive, Left formless
Almost lifeless

Just because you can’t see it
Does not make it any less of a crime
Wrecked dreams
Fragmented emotions,
Broken hearted
Torn apart by another
Mask firmly in place
Body nicely attired
Made up with a ready smile
Tackling the exigencies of living
As if nothing is amiss
There’s a Gruesome crime scene
Hidden on the inside
Scattered thoughts,
crippled emotions
Inner devastation
No one’s the wiser

Can’t you see it?
It’s plain to see
Look behind the eyes
Look intently
That blank stare
From that gorgeous face
The dullness of the eyes
As if still in shock
That fixed smile
That doesn’t quite reach those eyes
This Eloquent unspoken speech
Has been loud but has gone unheard

It’s saying very loud and clear

‘Dying inside’

‘Dying! Dying inside’

Can you hear it?
Can’t you see it?
Before you make a joke
Another blip valueless remark
And walk away
Wait! Take another look
Look behind the disguise
Reach out and heal the pain
Don’t think for a second it’s not real
Don’t walk away from this murder scene
Don’t let the drama proceed
Don’t let the pain prevail
Be real, its the only way
The only way to reach inside another
And let the healing start


Dangerous Anger



Red boiling molten liquid

Searing the soft inner walls of one’s being

Billowing and raging

Like a storm in a teacup

Sooner than later

It will spew out

In ways that are most uncontrollable

Demeaning to one’s dignified self

When it boils over, no longer held in.


The beginnings of anger can be mistaken

Slight discomfort easily forgotten

Piled upon by many more of the same

Until the slow simmering reaches boiling point

No one can stop it’s race towards release

It goes faster and faster till one explodes

Or worse, one implode within

Destroying the very fabric of the soul


Take hold of it before it does you

Direct its path to a place of release

Express yourself while you still can

In a way that leaves you intact

Let anger out, let it escape

The four walls of your precious soul

If not you only do yourself much harm

Because it will eat away the good in you

Don’t hold it in, express yourself

Be in control and not controlled

By this king of emotions

Known to have brought down Kings

Don’t let yourself be victimised

By dangerous clamorous Anger


Inspirational Snippet #17- Ingenuity

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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It is said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. There is a natural human disposition towards an inner tenacity that is simply inspirational when seen on display in others. There are people who come back from the very edge of utter hopelessness. Some have suffered the greatest tragedies in life but somehow find a way to use that same total devastation and turn it into their greatest tool for achieving what is ordinarily impossible. Difficulties and challenges can be your making, taking you in directions you would never have considered otherwise. So instead giving up or trying so hard to undo whatever has happened to you or whatever challenge you are confronted with, show it, and the world that there is ‘something inside so strong’. Use your challenge. Don’t let it abuse and waste you. Do with it what only you can do. Go on! Surprise Yourself. Get ingenuis, get creative. Make some lemonade out of your lemons and serve it grand to the world. We are waiting …….


Inspirational Snippet #11- The Golden Rule

As uploaded daily to www.facebook.com/SelasiebulmuoLike the Page to subscribe.
As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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How we are perceived by others means a lot to us. This poster will elicit two different responses: it will upset some and / or empower them, positively I hope. It depends on whether you have been at the receiving end or the giving end of an attitude that flouts the golden rule. Have you ever met someone who seemed to boost their own ego by belittling other people? It is a sign of insecurity and low self esteem. It is a cry for help by someone who is hurting inside and hates him or herself. It is an effort to mask the pain in their own lives by coming across as someone in control and in charge or seemingly superior to others. Don’t let someone like that destroy your self esteem. And if you are like that please get some help before you destroy yourself and alienate others. Lets stop all forms of abuse. Lets all practice being more considerate. Only do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.





Zoned Out (Stuck In Reverse)

Am I really here

Or am I not?

Totally zoned out

Is how I feel

How else can I

Describe this vacuum

This emptiness within my mind

It’s heavier than a ton of bricks

I am stuck in reverse under the load

No on moving traffic

Ideas and thoughts

Have been hijacked

By yesterday’s disappointments

And tomorrow’s anxieties

The present time is ticking by

Much as I try, my mind is blocked

Can’t think up visions

Of a better tomorrow

Can’t stop remembering yesterday

It’s ups and downs, It’s joys and pain

Seared on my mind

Therefore today is now disabled

It never stood a chance against

The onslaught of my jumbled thoughts

Zoned out, dismissed. Out of my own mind

Today could find no true expression

As moments slide by, one by one

Unused misused

By the surrounding chaos

Which won’t die out

Loosing today

Absent in the present

Lost in yesterday

Zoned out. Unplugged

Disconnected. Closed In

Clueless deception

Betrayal of Me

Oblivious unaware – ness

Today’s pain relief

It causes no pain

If I remain zoned out

I care not for today

Yesterday’s still too raw

Stuck in slow motion

Between two worlds

Today’s world that never was

And tomorrow”s world already lost

My life, my thoughts, Stuck in reverse


Too Proud To Beg?

I can see you trying

Doing it tough all the way.

Going through the motions

Just one of many in the daily drudge

Your trail is lacking real passion

The kind that sets true winners apart

You question why you’re so fed up

Tired of feeling like a mouse in the rat race

But plod on you must

It is the only way you know


So commendable, such commitment

You’re determined to go all the way

Until your strength is all gone

There could be another way, you know.

It’s not too late to find that way

Some things are easier done

When we humbly ask for help


So  please just drop the act

It’s really not worth your while at all

There are tell tale signs

The pressure is getting to you

Your life is worth much more

Than simply living to impress


Take a moment or two to simply be

Maybe a fresh start will appeal to you

New directions can open up too

Just humble yourself

And seek some help

Your happiness can be secured

When you just accept you need some help

You will still be you

Nothing lost except some pride

But only if you’re not too proud to beg


Find some giants who have done so

Learn from them, they’ve paid their dues

And proved their worth, making giant strides

Climb up their shoulders and find your way

Accept their help and start from scratch

Move on steadily up in your true calling


Otherwise you’ll still be plodding on

With no reprieves, no breakthroughs

A team of one is real hardwork

So why be mediocre, when gifted ones abound

You will soon find that you’re one of them

No more rat race, if you’ll just defect

Join the humble crew, it takes courage too

I am definitely not too proud to beg

I wonder if you just still might be