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Selasie Bulmuo - Strategist For Insightful Living

I Write, I Speak, I Engage passionately mainly with the disadvantaged, the hurt and the socially struggling one who is seeking true redirection and support to discover hidden potential and to recover from the ravages of life.

Iron sharpens iron. Great minds ignite one another for the greater good. I am happy to have you here.

I am Selasie Bulmuo – a Strategist For Insightful Living. I am absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my E- home full of lovely, deliciously ‘good for you’ inspired ideas, resources and opportunities to connect with others.

On this site you will find relevant information, uplifting writings and resources that are designed to captivate your senses and leverage your efforts towards becoming the best you.

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Selasie Joan Bulmuo – Who is she? What does she do?

• She is a Qualified Social Worker and Director of SJB Resource Limited, a Social Capital Builder focused on the provision of services to individuals and groups particularly families in crisis. SJB Resource Ltd (www.sjbresource.co.uk) is a Social Capital Builder.
Blog – http://www.socialjackpotbuddy.wordpress.com (social topical issues, articles and networking).

• An Author and writer, she writes across genres and styles mainly poetry, short stories, articles, reflections, wisdom quotes, plays and songs all aimed at reaching out to others where they are and accompanying them on the journey to where they are destined to be. She also writes fiction and non-fiction books cutting across both the mainstream and Christian domains. This blog http://www.selasiebulmuo.wordpress.com mainly features her Poems, Posters (Inspirational Snippets), Smart Talk and her Fictional Works including excerpts from her books both existing ones and soon to be released ones.

• She Co-Pastors Fountain Gate Chapel, Life Pastures, North London with her husband Reverend Grant Bulmuo and also with a team of able Pastors and Ministers. The congregation affectionately call her Lady Pastor Selasie. She is a dynamic preacher of the word of God and is known for her revelatory and wise teachings which challenges people to re-think, reconsider and recover from the adversities of life and move towards walking in the sure purposes of God for their lives. Visit her blog http://www.neitherdoicondemnyou.wordpress.com for christian articles, expositions, Q&A, etc

. She runs the ‘The Marriage Preparation In 3-Step Programme’- (MP3-STEP PROGRAMME) made up of 2 modules in each step run over a period of six months, once a month as a transitionary preparation programme from singleness to married life. It is open to singles, singles in relationships and is also a really good refresher for married couples. An E- Course is soon to be launched. Visit the Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/MarriagePreparationIn3StepsProgramme

. She heads the Women’s Ministry of her local church. The HAYIL Ladies Ministry, North London. Her vision is to encourage women to DARE to break all limitations and be who they were intended to be against all odds. There are regular Influence Meetings for women to network sharing their goals and ambitions and finding resources, help and advise as well as a market for their entrepreneurial endeavours. There are revival, prayer and ministration meetings where women are released and anointed to overcome. Practical Workshops focusing on Confidence building, leadership etc are also run frequently. Visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Hayilladiesfgcnorthlondon

Selasie is a mother of two boys and a daughter.

• For further information on her books, writings, blog posts, Video and Audio messages, please visit http://www.selasiebulmuo.com

• For invitations to speaking engagements, conferences, workshops and other Bespoke events please send a request to selasiebulmuo@yahoo.com

Short Version Bio – Selasie J Bulmuo

She Writes, She Speaks, She Engages passionately mainly with the disadvantaged, the hurt and the socially struggling one who is seeking true redirection and support to discover hidden potential and to recover from the ravages of life. She is:
• A Qualified Social Worker and the Director of SJB Resource Limited, a Social Capital Builder.
• A Mother, Wife & Pre – Maital Counsellor, Examplar to Women and Co – Pastor of Fountain Gate Chapel North London.
• The author of ‘Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon – for my blocked up soul’ a collection of poems with accompanying graphics and short fictional stories that mimic real life triumphs and tragedies; experiences to which others can relate and see their own stories and lives through. A reaching out book soon to be published.
For further information on this and other upcoming books, blog posts, speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and other projects please visit http://www.selasiebulmuo.com


The Joys of Adoption – Smile baby Smile – poem by Selasie Bulmuo



I think I see sunshine

Golden sweet sunshine

When you smile at me


I think I catch a glimpse

Of the face of God

When you smile at me


Toothless gummy smiles

Twinkly baby eyes

They say you are happy to be here

To be here  at home with me


So Smile Baby Smile

It’s the most beautiful sight

Better than the heights of Everest

The scenery of your face

Charms my very heart


I know you were not mine

But I have waited long enough, my darling

My precious bundle of joy, for you


When I hear what they said

About your plight and pain

Abandoned by your mother

I can scarcely take it in


Could she not see what I see

An angel in disguise

Left unloved, unattended

In a world so undeserving


So glad we found each other

You fill the space inside

Which I thought will swallow me


My arms so ached for you

I bless the day I found you

They called to say to me

She is here, your baby girl

No longer did I need to wait

For a dream that never could be


So Smile Baby Smile

I am your family now

No frowns from life for you

No more abuse and tears


Smile Baby Smile

I see me in your eyes

The way I was meant to be

We are so connected, no matter now

That my womb did not host you


Smile Baby Smile

And all is well with my world.

To have a child not biologically yours, to love him/her forever is divine


Oh Mother – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah



“who put that there?, clean that up!

Whose things are those, who left the pot on the stove?

That’s mother’s voice
Nobody gets why she shouts to get things done
But for mother shouting is the only language they hear
But inside her heart are soft prayers for her children
“You would show me who would do it for you when I’m not around” she says
But then she whispers to herself ” Lord keep me here longer for these ones”
What she lacks in words she shows it in deeds.
Always thinking of everybody but herself
She never learned how to say no to them
Her patience never wears out 
So she never gives up
Not on me learning how to read and write or learning how to cook when I became a teenager
Or becoming a good wife when the time came
Mother teaches well
Her kind heart nothing can compare
That’s how she was made
To be a mother
The embodiment of that which builds, heals and prepares
The strength of an army all in one
But she doesn’t realise it
She looks through the spectacle of life 
And all she sees are the hearts of her children which might be broken
And how helpless she feels 
Cus  she can’t protect them from all there could be
Oh mother
She doesn’t even hear when I say thank you 
So I decided to thank God for her instead 
Just the worry in her eyes is enough to break my heart
Yet there’s enough strength in her to give you 2 pieces of wisdom
I love you mother
For all God made you to be
I now understand why father always said “it had to be you”
My mother

My Kitchen – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

Standing in my kitchen

I survey my empire

This is my domain

And everyone knows it too

It is my sanctuary

Where I can be with me

I did not choose it so

It opened itself to me

So If you are missing me

You now know where I am

I will be in my favourite place

And it’s out of bounds to you

My kitchen my sanctuary

It all started in a most peculiar way

‘Sweetheart, what’s for dinner’, he said

So into the kitchen I went

Soon it became an often thing

‘We are hungry mum’, they cry

And this is a constant theme

At least three times a day

I find I never have the chance

To leave this place, my kitchen

So what’s a woman to do? 

I made it into my sanctuary

My very own hiding place

It is well equipped and loved

With a laptop on the stove top

I type and cook as well

Great music is just nearby

Don’t forget the snacks in the fridge

The cooker keeps me warm

No need for coats or heating

A cup of tea is never far away

I have made it fit for me

Now it’s a job to get me out

Of my grand old hiding place

My sanctuary, my kitchen.

Its where I want to be


If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy

I’ll sit all day at my mother’s feet

Gleaning wisdom unknown to men

For where they refused to sit alone

Once long ago as little boys

There it is where destiny’s brew is made

If I were a boy

I’ll ask which one is best and true

The warrior’s cry or the coward’s shriek

When darkness looms what’s one to do

Am I to say my name out aloud

Or  hide away while it stalks my sacred ground

If I were a boy

I’ll chase a thousand adventurous winds

With free abandon and sheer delight

To see where each leads when it passes by

I’ll learn its secrets, lock them up inside

And hold the keys up close to my heart

If I were a boy

I’ll pay heed to the weakness within

I’ll cry as much as my eyes will let

For when I grow older I will be told

Real men don’t cry, that’s just too weak

They just shiver unseen to the naked eye

If I were a boy

I’ll yearn for my sister’s place just once so often

secluded and alone at our mother’s feet

I’ll learn how it is done of old by ones so wise

Women of  strength like our mum

Who had no choices, no real resources

But managed to hold their world together

So when my time comes to be a man

I will be prepared and ready to comply

With no complaints about my plight.

If I were a boy

I’ll use my father’s shoulders high

As a giant wall of  strength and courage

To sit and ride the storms unscathed

While I see what real men are prone to do

When darkness looms and night is near

If I were a boy

But lo I am only a girl

Trained and groomed at my mother’s feet

My heart is stout and ready for life

To brave the world within and without

I cannot fail, no matter what

I have learnt what some boys will never know

But who is to know, I am only a girl

A girl who grew up at her mother’s feet.