A Passing Ship In the Night


I saw a passing ship
During my midnight hour
It seemed to freely move
Away from where I’m docked
Locked down by ties that bind

I yearn to go aboard
For it to take me away
For there perhaps I’ll chance
Upon my delayed desires
Which time and tide forgot

To go I can’t, for bound I am
By vows I must not break
So here I stand unmoving
Both night and day unmoving
While yet another ship sails away
Away with my hopes and dreams


I Can Make It

I see a winding river

It’s streams not still at all

I stand and look awhile

Wishing it didn’t exist

Longing for still waters

Still waters run deep

I guess that’s a worry

But I’d rather cross still waters

Than brave this harsh flow I see


I know I must make it

I have come this far already

Lugging my luggage with me

Through wilderness and caves

To turn around and quit

I just cannot envisage


I close my eyes and dream

Dream all my troubles away

But when my iris catches the light

Through its peeping hole

There it was before me

Unyielding, this river I see


A song plays in mind

‘Wade in the water, brother’

But these waters are way too troubled.

I know I cannot swim

I never learnt the skill

Somehow I must get over

Over to the other side

It must be a peaceful shore for sure

I certainly must make it there


‘No going back now, you hear’

I remind my thumping heart

No matter what dreads I face

There must be a way to go

No going back now, not now.


Even if no peaceful shores awaits

Even if many more rivers we must cross

Beat steady, my thumping heart

There is a promise on the other side

I know I can make it there

And while I must wait awhile

Till wisdom shows me a way

I’ll wait in readiness of mind


Not retreating, forward only

Over this Jordan that I see

My journey I will surely complete

I know I can make it through.