I Do Not Understand

Why do eagles fly And chickens stay below

When they both have wings. That can spread to catch the wind

 I do not understand


Why do princes walk And servants ride in wealth

Why do vain men thrive And the wise remain unknown

I do not understand


Why does betrayal come To those who love so well

The fool goes unpunished, Truth is locked away

I do not understand


Who made it so, This misdemeanor

Should we dare, To make a change

Or just throw our hands up in the air And leave it all to fate

I do not understand


Why does the rain keep falling On infertile grounds

When better grounds are waiting With no sign of rain

I do not understand


Why does nature throw up Displaying its disgust

Through storms and hurricanes And terrible earthquakes too

In places where poor ones Are least prepared to cope

I do not understand


Why do some have plenty And others barely survive

And will have gladly chosen Just the crumbs if so offered

There are many many things, too many to count

That I just don’t understand


But amidst the great divide There always are exceptions

The little miracles of life Which often go unnoticed.

Do not think them as trivial,These little everday miracles


Day and night, Such faithful servants

Winter and summer, Always come and go

Seasons change, Bringing renewal

How it happens we do not understand


As long as there’s tomorrow We can hold on to hope

And when we still don’t understand It’s good to remember this

There’s always a pay day For the wicked oppressor

What goes around does come around


So be consoled By life’s free gifts

Just stop awhile And take them in

The baby’s smile The star lit sky

Flowers in bloom The beauty of nature

The love of family The gift of one’s heart

To another at no price


And while we are here Let’s aim to bring

What joy we can To others who just like us

Still can not understand, No matter how hard we try