Hole In My Sock

My reluctant 10 year old poet following our discussion about taking responsibility wrote this poem. The discussion started because of a hole he discovered in his sock. He had no idea how the hole possibly got there:

There is a hole in my sock

What happened to it?

I do not know

Perhaps my brother made this hole in it

Perhaps my sister bit into it

Maybe a rat did it

I know, perhaps it was me

Everyone gets holes in their socks sometimes

But they never point fingers

So now I ‘ll  take responsibility

This sock is mine

This hole is mine


Maths – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years old)

When I go to school

I have to do Maths

People say it’s easy

But to me it’s not



Sometimes they even give us


1000/5 + 99% – 1/4+1000-309

That is why I don’t like Maths


[A Child’s Cry] – It’s Not Fair – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years Old)

It’s not fair

I don’t get POCKET MONEY

No toys, no sweeties

It’s not fair


Why do I have to go to school


It’s not fair


That’s why when I grow up

I will do anything I want

But that’s in 100 YEARS

It’s not fair


My Granny – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years old)

Not sure where the inspiration for this poem came from but here goes, his words not mine, but still ..my son..


My Granny is 6 foot 3

My Granny is as tall as a tree

She says Nothing

And Nothing frightens me

She punches walls

And kicks down doors

She loves plantain and rice

She has friends that are nice

As nice as mice

My Granny is 6 foot 3

My Granny is as tall as a tree

Disclaimer: this is not a description of any of his grannys that I know, so it must be his little poetic creative mind going for a stroll … away from home.


My Annoying Brother – Poem by Nekor Bulmuo (9 years old)

My Brother is a lion

Full of rage.

He never calms down

Even if you pray


He runs to walls, up and down

Everywhere like a clown


Never challenge him to a race

Do you want to know why?

He has got too much pace


The only way to calm him down

Is to give him a hug

When he is running around


When he went to the park

He was acting like a mole

When he was at ‘football’

He scored the winning goal


He is a shooting star

He is a rocket

That goes in the air

That is why

I love him