Angel On My Wings


So they said; “we told you so
You cannot fly on broken wings”
I agree, I have tried but it seems I’m doomed to remain earthbound

So they said; “only angels dare
To ride the fair winds on high”
In invisible chariots not for mere mortals, with broken wings like yours

So I said; “I’m done, so done, I am”
No more will I try to rise above
The daily impasse of my human fears and frailties, the failures of my past

So I said; “I resign, I give up, I do”.
My tired arms too long held out
Have not embraced the warmth of dreams fulfilled, nor yet felt my due reward.

So I said; “that’s it! Trouble me not”
It’s impossible to be what I am not
So I built a prickly cocoon to rest within, but a hand begun to stir my lonely nest

So I said, to this unknown assailant
“Cant you see I’m perched precariously in midair
between my tumultuous past and a future I can’t access?”

So I said; “let me be as I am”.
This is as high as I could get when I tried to fly
Don’t re-awaken my impossible dreams, don’t trouble this midair nest of mine

Then I heard a voice say to my tired heart
“Try again, don’t give up yet, you belong much higher up
I’ll lend to you my angel wings, with your hand in mine, we’ll soar above”

Then they asked; “how did you make it?
How did you fly on broken wings?
How did you break through the barriers of the common plain?”

So I said; “can’t you see the hand in mine?”
There is an angel on my wings, who won’t let up
Until I’m high above pain and mediocrity, up where I truly belong

So I said; “Don’t you understand?”
This angel you cannot see, Is no different from you or I
When we each lend a hand to another, we become the angel on their broken wings.

Then they said; “we are no angels, you or us”
Yes I know we are mere mortals doing life,
but we transcend the ordinary when we become one another’s keeper

So I said; “can’t you see?”
Our broken wings begin to flap as heavens doors swings open
When it sees you and I reach out and soon the angels in us begin to fly again.

***We sometimes feel strange because we are not earthly beings having a human experience, we are heavenly beings in human form having an earthly experience to which we must brings more than our mere human capacities. Together, hand in hand, we can transcend the ordinary and rise above our limitations****


Inspirational Snippet #19 – Keeping Hope Alive

As uploaded daily to www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo. To receive daily updates please 'like' the Page
As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo. To receive daily updates please ‘like’ the Page

Hope is the invisible fertile soil which makes the seeds of long held dreams grow no matter the drought and famine conditions that exist. Without hope, the most luscious green fields cannot keep a budding tree alive. It will shrivel and die from the inside out. Life is like a tree. Hope for its future keeps it going. Hope makes the soul tenacious, enduring the impossible and staying alive and growing nevertheless. Hope will make a tree grow out of a rock. Anything is possible if we learn to hold on and not give up. Miracles happen. Somehow we do come through if we learn to keep hope alive.



Has The Pain Been Worth It?

I have skipped and danced in vast blooming fields

Of flowers and young dreams set ablaze

I have felt the world at my feet

Never realising what it was I was feeling

I have held hope so firmly in my hands

Not knowing how fragile it could turn out to be

I have felt success was mine for the taking

Never recognising the naivety of my ways

I can still remember sweet sixteen

Nothing seemed impossible then

Beauty peeking through adolescence

Full blown woman-ness by twenty – one

Decisions, decisions, many choices all mine to make

No thought given to the remotest chance

That I could ever get any of it wrong

Yet here I stand, many years later

Looking back down at years gone by

Claiming to be older and wiser today

But truth be known my confidence has been sifted

Sifted by life’s dynamic hand

Now, I yearn to reclaim yesterday

Trying to get back the lost vain years

Frivolous years spent building castles in the air

When choices were made so flagrantly

Assuming I had a free pass to success

Disregarding warning signs

The idiosyncrasies of the young

Not understanding the fact remains

Fairy tales can get trashed by life

And no one can wish reality away

Sooner than later the heart gives notice

It gets tired of trying again and again

The body gives in after years of striving

The will to do becomes quite weak

You sit and stare at your pile of broken dreams

All hidden underneath moments of escapism

Pretending all is well if only for that moment

Have I told you that life is made up of moments

Each moment counts in life’s tapestry

If you let it slide you ruin the plot

But hiding moments stretch out into days

Days into years, wasted years, that’s how it feels

But isn’t it ironic, that when it’s all said and done

We finally sit up and make water come out of a rock

Life has a way of proving us right

Proving that those first young heartfelt choices

Those flagrant choices made with innocent abandon

Even with all the wrongs in between

Were the right choices after all

Although they threatened to be our undoing

After we’ve given our best years and more

We cease wasting the remaining chances

We throw all we have left on just one

Necessity becomes the mother of invention

We hit at the only spot left, with everything we have

Our final dreams, hopes, fears and tears

Are mixedly expressed tinged with desperation

No one keeps hitting at the same spot

And does not eventually break through somehow

Out of the rocky places of our lives

We finally hear the sweet melody

Of our life’s painful theme coming full circle

Like the thorn bird, we sing our sweetest song

Enfolded in pain of years gone by

Proving to us that the life we have lived,

No matter how it turned out

Has been worth it after all

But only for those who never ever give up


Hold On

It may seem like a lot to ask

When all your strength has sipped away

When disillusionment stands it ground

Refusing to yield to the change you want.

When nothing is all you seem to get

As a reward for all you’ve done

Please find that place deep within

And hold on, please just  hold on still


You rack your mind all day and night

For a vestige, just a bit  of hope

A small glimmer of sunshine will do

A wee little smile to mask the pain

When the tears you can’t restrain

Fall amidst your folorn domain

It’s so much easier to just give up

To simply walk away this time.


Hold on dear one, please hold on

When the sun won’t shine at all

Hold on, please just find a way

When your heart is locking down

Hold on, please look inside again

When all desire seems to be gone

There’s always a sweetness in the rock

A peculiar softness in the hardest place

Music chimes  within  the chaos

There’s a calm within this very storm

An all illusive gem beneath the grime


It is the irony of life, my friend

The darkest hour ever seen

Is just before sweet dawn breaks through

Right in the core of this disaster

A miracle awaits the one

Who inspite of all the odds

Will choose to hold on still

And if the ground beneath you gives

And there is nothing to hold on to

Still hold on, oh please, please do

Find the Anchor, true and main

That will never shift or move

And hold on my dear, Just hold on

A new day is fast approaching

It is not time to quit just yet

So please my hero, just hold on