Don’t Drop The Ball

It’s your turn to hold on

Hold on I say

If that’s all you do

I know your eye is on lots more

And juggling has become your art

But beware my friend

Don’t you forget

Amongst the lot

There’s one so rare

You must  ensure

You pass it on

To the ones to come

Unscathed, unchanged

As genuine as when

It passed to you

Whatever you do

Don’t drop that ball

Or you will be accused

Of breaking the chain

Usurping the heritage

Of  thousands of years

The children wait

To take their place

So please my friend

Don’t drop that ball!

It’s worth much more

Than all the rest


I Believe In Miracles

Another one from my scrap paper collection……( Dont throw scrap paper away especially if they have been around for 10 years. Cos you know you are a scribbler. You might miss something important)

I believe in a baby’s smile

I believe in a mother’s love

I believe in a peaceful world

Where every need is met

I believe the sun will shine

I believe dreams do come true

I believe a new day arrives

Where skies are clear and blue

But you say……..

There is no cure for this disease

There is no food for this hungry child

This old man must sleep in the cold tonight

Don’t you know…….

There are visions the eye can’t see

There are sounds the ear can’t hear

There is beauty beyond my touch

A taste of heaven in my heart

I believe in strength unseen

To come up ‘tops’ when one is down

I believe in tiny steps

That takes me closer to my dreams

I believe in holding on

‘Cos giving up is the easy way out

I believe life is full of miracles

Though one a day is all we need