[ Broken – Ness] What I Need

What I need

No one can give

Not me, not you, not even them

Can fix this broken – ness


I need a cure

For this Dis-ease

Like none I have ever had 

Human hands

Just won’t do


They cannot seem to mend

This spiralling break

This broken – ness

Inside my crumbling soul


Every touch I have ever had

Left me needy, oh so needy

Ah, this pain so overwhelming

Is more than a lick of paint can fix


It is a neverending shooting pain

A pulsating throb of painful jabs, 

At my very Core, so broken up

Broken – Ness has made its stay here


Parchments of splinters

Pieces pieced together

With sticky messy glue

Which never holds  long enough

For me to catch my breath


What I need? …. (sigh)

No. Not just a hug or fickle words?

This broken – ness so well disguised

With smiles, and colour and cheer

I cannot escape its gripping hands

They go beyond your touch


So if you see me cry out loud

Or yelp like a circling pet

Don’t think it so strange a thing

The mask has simply slipped

You got a glimpse inside


Don’t pat my head to soothe

Don’t give me useless words

Don’t mock my pieced up gait

As I tread on broken limbs


I need  everything I have

Just to make it through today

What I need beyond myself

Is more than you can endure

Unfathomable, I am to you

This type, You’ve never seen


So broken, I am broken – ness

I need to be made whole again

A new frame for me

Not this overused broken pieces

I need to breathe

Devoid of pain

A breath of a new begining


I need an angel sent for me

I need those healing springs that save

So let me be with my broken-ness

Until my deliverer comes