Inspirational Snippet #14 – Persistent Consistency

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Does practice really make perfect? Well, it is a fact that, without practice, you will be no where near perfection. If you repeatedly practice a wrong move, you will simply become well versed in your mistake and will definitely not get better. Practice doesn’t immediately make you perfect either. It makes you better and better and takes you closer to perfection if what you are practicing is right in the first place. The kind of Practice that definitely makes you incrementally better is one you should not give up on. Ask anyone who is a dominant figure in their area of influence. They start practicing early and finish late. They do not take long habitual breaks no matter how good they get. They know they can only get better than the rest as long as they keep their practice regular, consistent and persistent. Some started rigorous practice when they were little children and have kept it up for years. Aiming for perfection gives you the focus, the drive and the passion to not give up practising until your good becomes better and your better best, and your best approaches perfection. Keep going. You are nearer than you were yesterday.