Reaching Out To You.

I may not be able to go all the way with you. Afterall, it’s your journey not mine.

But if I can come alongside you for a while to help you see your way clearer, to lift your head up from the dust of life and to point you in the right direction, I will be satisfied that I have played my part in your journey to your recovery, to your greatness.

Have a great day.

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Unmask The Pain


A limb here, another there
Disembodied, emotionally crippled.
Bloody criminals!
Worse than you can imagine
Look what they’ve done
Emotional murder
Is as bad as physical
You’d think so too
If you could only see it
The confusion left behind
Murder! Disembodied! Scattered!
Barely alive, Left formless
Almost lifeless

Just because you can’t see it
Does not make it any less of a crime
Wrecked dreams
Fragmented emotions,
Broken hearted
Torn apart by another
Mask firmly in place
Body nicely attired
Made up with a ready smile
Tackling the exigencies of living
As if nothing is amiss
There’s a Gruesome crime scene
Hidden on the inside
Scattered thoughts,
crippled emotions
Inner devastation
No one’s the wiser

Can’t you see it?
It’s plain to see
Look behind the eyes
Look intently
That blank stare
From that gorgeous face
The dullness of the eyes
As if still in shock
That fixed smile
That doesn’t quite reach those eyes
This Eloquent unspoken speech
Has been loud but has gone unheard

It’s saying very loud and clear

‘Dying inside’

‘Dying! Dying inside’

Can you hear it?
Can’t you see it?
Before you make a joke
Another blip valueless remark
And walk away
Wait! Take another look
Look behind the disguise
Reach out and heal the pain
Don’t think for a second it’s not real
Don’t walk away from this murder scene
Don’t let the drama proceed
Don’t let the pain prevail
Be real, its the only way
The only way to reach inside another
And let the healing start