Greatness Calling!!


Greatness stands alone in the streets
Calling out names before unheard
Bestowing crowns on those that dare
To walk towards its wide open arms

Before it sits a great abyss
A dark and seemingly endless pit
This pit swallows the unguided ones
Who stumble forward without counting the cost

Responding to Greatness takes great guts
Persevering against all odds
True and lasting greatness honours hard graft
It stands to salute only those who show it respect
Disregarding creed, race or age

Respect for Greatness can be seen
In the one that remains resolute in spite of spite
The one that clogs his ears and refuses to hide
And can unhear the resounding sound of fear
Who being afraid still march forward

They wear the shame of ridicule very well
Remaining undaunted by pointing fingers
To them, golden hands are not proffered
The lack of help on every side
Though keenly felt in this lonely pursuit
Does not deter them from Greatness’ call

Ahead they forge with no apology
The fire in their eyes undimmed by life
Greatness has called out their name just once
But once is enough to make convictions strong
They will take their place, no matter what the cost



Dispel The Dark


Let the light in
Clear the cobwebs
In the recesses of your mind
Tweak the volume
Of the distracting sound
Don’t just make do
No. Don’t.
Trim the wick
Keep it guarded
Away from the strong wind
The winds of the night
Keep the new flame burning
Let it glow brighter and brighter
Open your eyes
Let the light shine
Let the warmth spread
Feel the shiver slide
Slide, slide away
Let the cold escape
Let the dark out
It’s a new day
Hold on to the light
Rekindle the fire
Roar awake
Now let the new day in
You are ready
For the greater light
Sunshine and Open Space
Daylight strong and new
You’ve waited for long
Embrace the light
It’s yours my darling.


Inspirational Snippet #22 – Make A Move

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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No one likes queues that seem to be going no way. We get all worked up if we find ourselves in one.
What is hard to immediately remember is that, our position in the queue is still ahead of the one who has not started their journey yet.
It is better to be in the slow lane in life than to be in no lane at all. We are always learning and growing because life is designed to be progressive but only if we apply ourselves and confront challenges and refuse to hide away or bury our heads in the sand like an Ostrich.
Life goes on whether you are aware of it or not, whether you engage with it or not. It is easy to focus on the many others that are ahead of you, to focus on how little time you have left, to focus on your limitations and the obstacles in your way. But remember, although it is overcrowded at the bottom of the road, there is still movement happening and sooner than later, if you persist, you will find yourself on a freeway, with less competition, with more choice of how fast you want to go. It’s better at the top. Join the traffic, keep inching forward, persist, get to the top! That is where you are destined to be


Inspirational Snippet #13 – Reflections

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As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo
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How do we get rid of negative thoughts? By purposefully focusing and reflecting on positive, empowering thoughts until our minds are so made up that negative thought simply no longer have any power to dominate our thinking. They simply flutter by almost as soon as they arrive like birds without a home. We see them fly away with very little effort from us.



Just A Clown To You

……….For all relationships that have gone haywire, for all in them who have lost hope, just remember you are known and valued by the one who gave you life, you matter to one who sees you not as a clown.

It’s not that I have nothing to say
Don’t think I have pitted out
There is still a lot to me
But I have spent the best years of mine
Invested solely in you
I can’t turn back the clock
It won’t stop even if I cry

I guess it’s funny from where you are standing
I guess it looks like a joke to you
This figure of a lost shell you now see
A shadow of what you once esteemed

I will be smiling too if it wasn’t so desperate
I will be patient if I had the time
I would answer all of your questions
With no fear of repercussions
And pretend I have nothing to loose

But I have no more years to waste in arguments
I am now overly invested in you
Since I don’t want it all to be in vain
I will act dump for my own sake

So I will pretend this is all there is to me
I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you king
I will laugh at your jokes
Even if the joke is on me
If it will speed up my redemption
Then yes my King, I am your clown

So laugh with me, oh laugh at me
Let’s pretend I am unaware
It matters not, You’ll hear no retorts
I will dance to your tune
I will skip and hop
An amusement to behold
Even more so to myself

I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you Queen
I will keep on taking
Every little crumb you throw my way
No point walking away
My best years are gone
My heart is cold
My brain I’ll numb
Yet another day
I will play the part
I’ll be your clown
Your personal clown

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

It Is Not Even About That

And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15 KJV)

There are many reasons why people want to win at contests or competitions. There are motivating factors that spur winners on. Not everybody recognises competitions for what they really are. Infact to win at anything, you first have to win the battle against yourself and your will /motivations.
Life is a like a boot camp. Somehow we all know there is a day coming when we will have to leave. No one, not even the worse culprit stays on boot camp forever. The rawness of the ordeal or the intense pressure you are put under at any boot camp either makes you push harder to get the lessons being taught so you can move on, or it makes you angry, complaining and you just plain want to quit, end of story. You just want to be allowed to go home. But is that really the end of the story?

Life makes most of us choose our motivations. Either to come out overcoming or come out kicking and screaming and complaining about the unfairness of it all.

Whatever our motivations are in life there is a goal that is set before every one of us whether we are aware of it or not. Whether we accept it or not. There’s a list we must make. There is team we must be chosen for. The great coach of life has a book. He has appointed a mediator. He has appointed trainers. They have been there and know what it takes to make the cut. He’s watching our daily progress. It is based on this that a decision is made about whether or not we have made the cut.

Just watch any detox or weight loss bootcamp series on TV. Most participants (for kack of a better word) don’t accept the work they have to do or the reasons they have been ‘imprisoned’ on these boot camps. The teenage rebel’s boot camp is quite interesting to watch. After a while of being there and realising that the regime and order of things are not going to change because of their whinning, they eventually, well some eventually begin to sober up and learn what they have been sent to learn. They even begin to see the benefits at some point and wholly participate in the discipline of the regime.

I say again, that life is like a boot camp. There is a reason behind every discipline and trial and we get to choose whether or not we will be motivated to become what we have to become. Infact we can choose what those motivations will be. They could be different for different people.

The life Coach, the creator, the maker of all that is seen and unseen has a book. His book is called the book of life. Everyone who makes the cut is recorded in this book. Most have heard of this book and this coach. Some could care less about him or his book. Others just want to check out of the boot camp, book or not. Others fervently want to make the list.
He provides a strategy, a training regime, a way to live so we can make the list. The list of the winning group, the winning team, the overcomers. The winners list. His way is easy to find. It is a simple diet of
reliance on a mediator. Someone chosen to run alongside us, to show us how to do life well, no matter the difficulties, someone to show us how to make it onto the list. Someone who has walked in our shoes and knows how it feels to be human and vulnerable and just plain scared.

For me, my motivation is now one beyond just my own self preservation. It has gone beyond just winning and making the list for making sake. I want to be able to meet the coach. To see him face to face. I simply
want to be there. Where else will I rather be?

When I close my eyes to this present realm. I want to immediately be in the company of the winning team,
in the presence of glory. I live in anticipation. But while I live, I waste not my opportunity. This is my chance to make the list. And for me, that is what living is all about.

I donot even want to find out what happens to those that do not make the list. Not because of the horrors I surmise awaits them but simply because, my not making the list will mean that I never get to meet this great coach, I never get to experience life outside ‘bootcamp’ I never get to breathe in the fresh air of glory, to live
really live in the presence of true freedom and magnificence and glory. Never see the one I love, face to
face. That will be worse than any hell I can imagine, worse than any hell ever described or pictured.

My question is; what is it all about  for you? Are just living in the now thinking this boot camp life is all there is? Are you thinking that there is nothing better than this? that this is the end of the story? Are you motivated by the fear of hell? What spurs you on? or have you already left bootcamp in your mind, living with no reason to live?

Even if you think your life in this bootcamp is all the ‘heaven’ there can be, you will have no choice but to leave it one day.

Many people exit this boot camp everyday. I just heard of one yesterday. We say goodbye to them and weep over them. What if they are present in another reality which we can only imagine?

What will it have all been about for you when you give your final bow?

Enough said !!


Living In A Bottle

Youthfulness is the drink of life

Young ones need no wine

Life has gifted them

With enough exuberance

Far beyond drunkenness

Youthful zest indeed

Is always magic and spice

Vitality unleashed

The world is a fast sports car

Always driven at high speed

All diplomacy ignored

Energy in motion

The Zumba dancer’s rhythm

The runner’s sprint

The effervescence

Of champagne uncorked

It is a beautiful thing to watch

This frivolous  fearlessness

These waves that can climb so high

But when I took a closer look

My heart despaired at what I saw

Youth, young ones so very lost

No zest no vitality

Hanging about street corners

Clutching the bottle

Lost so lost

Deep down in a bottle

Drinking life away

Washing purity with grime

Holding on to the bottle

As if for comfort and refuge

Holding on for dear life

Youthful Life sold so cheaply

What drives one so young and fresh

To hide away so low in a bottle

Drinking, drinking, more drinking till dawn

Mixing wines and pills and more

What pain so deep is chasing ones so young

To give their lives so free to the bottle

We mourn the day

When youth got lost

So lost, so deep inside the bottle

Old men gazed in shock and horror

And shook their heads with sadness

At such a waste of life’s pure zest

By ones so young, progenitors of the future

Drained and hooked so hooked on the bottle

But still right there in their hands

They clutch the bottle so tightly,

Holding on to this feeling of being zoned out

They won’t let go of the bottle

Because it holds their shattered dreams.

Until they’ve drunk all youthful zest away