Greatness Calling!!


Greatness stands alone in the streets
Calling out names before unheard
Bestowing crowns on those that dare
To walk towards its wide open arms

Before it sits a great abyss
A dark and seemingly endless pit
This pit swallows the unguided ones
Who stumble forward without counting the cost

Responding to Greatness takes great guts
Persevering against all odds
True and lasting greatness honours hard graft
It stands to salute only those who show it respect
Disregarding creed, race or age

Respect for Greatness can be seen
In the one that remains resolute in spite of spite
The one that clogs his ears and refuses to hide
And can unhear the resounding sound of fear
Who being afraid still march forward

They wear the shame of ridicule very well
Remaining undaunted by pointing fingers
To them, golden hands are not proffered
The lack of help on every side
Though keenly felt in this lonely pursuit
Does not deter them from Greatness’ call

Ahead they forge with no apology
The fire in their eyes undimmed by life
Greatness has called out their name just once
But once is enough to make convictions strong
They will take their place, no matter what the cost



Growing Old Gracefully


Advancing forcefully forward
The years have left their mark
A sprinkling of grey
On that bushy eyebrow
Left untamed by life

Life – now that is a different ball game
I heard a Sage once say
Forget the past
Let go, no regrets
Move on
Press forward
Achieve your goals
I have done so
In leaps and bounds
My life does make me proud

What the Sage forgot to say
Is that time and age does catch up with you
This mirror hanging on the wall
Has never really interested me
I whizzed by each day
Never saying hello
To the changing image
Of what remains when perpetual youth departs.

Life does insist we pause
So it can gloat at the effect it’s had
When we compare our present image
To what we thought will never fade
Youthful zest and vigour
Ego so full, irresistible vitality
Replaced with what we can only call ‘old’.

As I pause to take a glance
I am entranced by the image I see
Advancing forcefully forward
Does truly leave it’s mark
Not only in dreams and goals achieved
And many Accolades gathered
But also in tired lines,
Sculpted and etched on a once picture perfect face

Looking at my altered matured visage
And the sprinkling of grey in my moustache
It’s a peculiar, distinguished look
That tells the story of a life fully lived

I can’t decide which is more captivating
The present image or the past one
Untested youthfulness
Is gorgeous and intoxicating
But the grandeur of the aged
Is hidden behind wrinkles and a knowing look
Well worth it if embraced

I agree with what you say, Mirror
Life has made me a Sage too
Yes, I have truly advanced forcefully
In more ways than one
And the result is very captivating
But only to the well trained eye.


Dispel The Dark


Let the light in
Clear the cobwebs
In the recesses of your mind
Tweak the volume
Of the distracting sound
Don’t just make do
No. Don’t.
Trim the wick
Keep it guarded
Away from the strong wind
The winds of the night
Keep the new flame burning
Let it glow brighter and brighter
Open your eyes
Let the light shine
Let the warmth spread
Feel the shiver slide
Slide, slide away
Let the cold escape
Let the dark out
It’s a new day
Hold on to the light
Rekindle the fire
Roar awake
Now let the new day in
You are ready
For the greater light
Sunshine and Open Space
Daylight strong and new
You’ve waited for long
Embrace the light
It’s yours my darling.


Sadness Like A Cloak


Sadness wears me like a cloak

It is my familiar enemy

We were introduced when I arrived

On earth’s cold plane one lonely night

It has never let go of me since.

I see others happy all around

I am confused. What makes them so giddy?

I have much more than they do

And yet sadness still wears me like a cloak

I did not not choose it

I rejected it long ago

But whenever I try to move away

The stories of my life gives it new ground

A hold with which to claim me back

Sad little occurrences always set me back

Sadness uses every excuse to dump on me

To reel me back till I am taken over

By the darkness of my past experiences

Sadness know just what to do

To take me back to memories gone

The baby born on to a bare floor

Rejected by its father

Left with a lonely mother

Sadness made its first deposit that day

Family divided, standing alone,

Invisible child among the crowd

Accused, unloved, ostracised by those I call family

Sadness paid in another lump sum

No friends, no zest, no one to jive with

The odd one out

Can’t you tell by the ‘hand me downs’?

Can’t fit in and can’t say why

Sadness said I will be your friend



Thinking deep, covering my bases

Knowing vulnerability at a tender age

Licking my wounds, refusing to crumble

But sadness was always never far away

I learnt to survive not by being happy

But by letting sadness be my guide

Don’t tell me I have to show some happiness

I don’t know how, I am always looking out for sadness

Every good thing in my life

Has come tinged with sadness

I cannot oust it, it’s grown with me

Even when I am happy, I am sad

I try to shake it off but it’s worse than you know

What can I say, it’s not my cloak

I am the cloak that sadness wears

One little thing and I am all his again

Sadness knows me well, much too well

Forget happiness, its gone before it arrives

Don’t think I do not know happiness

I simply can’t hold it close

When Sadness still wears me like a cloak

I keep waiting for the light



Inspirational Snippet #19 – Keeping Hope Alive

As uploaded daily to www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo. To receive daily updates please 'like' the Page
As uploaded daily to http://www.facebook.com/Selasiebulmuo. To receive daily updates please ‘like’ the Page

Hope is the invisible fertile soil which makes the seeds of long held dreams grow no matter the drought and famine conditions that exist. Without hope, the most luscious green fields cannot keep a budding tree alive. It will shrivel and die from the inside out. Life is like a tree. Hope for its future keeps it going. Hope makes the soul tenacious, enduring the impossible and staying alive and growing nevertheless. Hope will make a tree grow out of a rock. Anything is possible if we learn to hold on and not give up. Miracles happen. Somehow we do come through if we learn to keep hope alive.



The Tapestry Of My Soul








Seasons come and go

Leaving imprints and impressions

On the Tapestry of my soul

Some designs simply unique

Come never to be repeated

Unfeigned unexpected occurrences

That left me asking for more

Moments that took my breath away

Memories etched forever on my soul

Some designs are mainly patterns

They keep occurring over and aver again

As if they were destined to be my lot

Never ending episodes

On the tapestry of my soul

Some colours I never chose

Some I consider dull and boring

But look how they mix so well

With those exotic once in a lifetime ones

Standing back and taking a look

At how my life has turned out

I can’t help but sigh and say

It all worked out in the end somehow

So I stay for a moment today

To admire this intricate art work

The merging of highs and lows

The uncanny coming together

Of seemingly unrelated events

That sit so well in this grand scheme

If these are the seasons my life

Then I have no choice but to embrace them all

To admire what nature’s course and handiwork

Has printed on my soul

The lessons and the rewards

The joys and the pain

The heat and the calm

The design so unique

It’s all me, it’s all mine, good or bad

I choose to accept its uniqueness

Only then does it allow me

Even if just for a split second

To reach out and with my own hands

Draw back this  tapestry of my past

And take a peek outside

There are immense opportunities out there

Colours and experiences I can choose

Bringing my own touch to my design

Adding another layer by the very actions I take

Finishing touches deliberately imprinted by me

On this unique tapestry of my soul

I am content with what I see


Confidently Needy – (Its a Celebrity’s Show)


I have met a few
Perhaps so have you
It’s a clever disguise
Oh so alluring
We so want to be like ‘them’
We yearn for an express ticket
A fast train straight to stardom
Can’t you see how good they look
But you can’t always tell
A book by just its cover
Glossy & Classy,
Intriguingly Snazzy
But I tell you what
Its often plain grey inside
Seen from afar, so colour – full
It’s everything you ever dreamed
But up close and personal
You’ll see you’ve been tricked
The trendy confident rap
Is simply a call to action
A rehearsed drama
To get your attention
It’s the glint in your eye
The adoring roar of your voice
The sunshine behind your eyes
Tells them you are so alive
Your pure innocent delightful self
Untouched by all the pretence
They remember how it used to be
They want some of that again
They crave your adoration
If only for a second
It makes them feel validated
For all the choices made
Don’t sell your very soul
For an airbrushed job
That Famous Celebrity status
But are they really worth celebrating?
You decide, all by your intelligent self
Is what you see, what you really get?
You’d better learn the art
‘Cos if you can’t see beyond
The glossy cover & dream lifestyle
If you can’t see the pain behind the smile
You will be pulled in, trapped & enslaved
By their well practised poses
Designed to capture, to captivate, to drain
Your natural, unfeigned, untarnished energy
Much of theirs got jaded long ago
They are on a hunt
For vulnerable prey
They have to make it all Worthwhile
So so needy
But you’d never guess
‘Confidently’ needy
That’s what they really are
They come in many shapes
Big Preachers, Famous Actors & the like
Live shows that never close even when at home
Always on stage even if dying inside
A mismatch of the cover and the pages
So don’t be dazzled by their dazzlers
You are the real thing
If your cover matches your rhyme
Don’t swap your ‘plain’ for their ‘cool’
Just be you, much better to be you
Enjoy the simplicity of being you
Who needs dazzlers covering emptiness
So just be you
Don’t buy the lie
Disguise is unnecessary
Life is worth more than that
Live fully intact, Body, Soul & Spirit
When Pretence finally unravels
It ain’t a pretty sight at all
No need for you to be counterfeit
Living ‘confidently’needy
Pretending to be the ‘bomb’
If you stay true to you
You’ll easily see
You are better off
Being naturally confident
Untainted by deceitful glory