(Dreams) Frozen In Time


Frozen in time
Waiting for life to start
Plain to see
Life took you unawares
You thought giant strides had been made
Cos you gave a 100%
After all the years gone by
Destiny still feels undecided
Somewhere deep down you know
Your life as you often dreamed it
Never really did start
Young dreams
Frozen in time
Fantasy never realised
But no regrets, you say
You’ll just keep living
Giving it all You’ve got
These dreams may yet unfreeze
Until then
No regrets to mourn


Has The Pain Been Worth It?

I have skipped and danced in vast blooming fields

Of flowers and young dreams set ablaze

I have felt the world at my feet

Never realising what it was I was feeling

I have held hope so firmly in my hands

Not knowing how fragile it could turn out to be

I have felt success was mine for the taking

Never recognising the naivety of my ways

I can still remember sweet sixteen

Nothing seemed impossible then

Beauty peeking through adolescence

Full blown woman-ness by twenty – one

Decisions, decisions, many choices all mine to make

No thought given to the remotest chance

That I could ever get any of it wrong

Yet here I stand, many years later

Looking back down at years gone by

Claiming to be older and wiser today

But truth be known my confidence has been sifted

Sifted by life’s dynamic hand

Now, I yearn to reclaim yesterday

Trying to get back the lost vain years

Frivolous years spent building castles in the air

When choices were made so flagrantly

Assuming I had a free pass to success

Disregarding warning signs

The idiosyncrasies of the young

Not understanding the fact remains

Fairy tales can get trashed by life

And no one can wish reality away

Sooner than later the heart gives notice

It gets tired of trying again and again

The body gives in after years of striving

The will to do becomes quite weak

You sit and stare at your pile of broken dreams

All hidden underneath moments of escapism

Pretending all is well if only for that moment

Have I told you that life is made up of moments

Each moment counts in life’s tapestry

If you let it slide you ruin the plot

But hiding moments stretch out into days

Days into years, wasted years, that’s how it feels

But isn’t it ironic, that when it’s all said and done

We finally sit up and make water come out of a rock

Life has a way of proving us right

Proving that those first young heartfelt choices

Those flagrant choices made with innocent abandon

Even with all the wrongs in between

Were the right choices after all

Although they threatened to be our undoing

After we’ve given our best years and more

We cease wasting the remaining chances

We throw all we have left on just one

Necessity becomes the mother of invention

We hit at the only spot left, with everything we have

Our final dreams, hopes, fears and tears

Are mixedly expressed tinged with desperation

No one keeps hitting at the same spot

And does not eventually break through somehow

Out of the rocky places of our lives

We finally hear the sweet melody

Of our life’s painful theme coming full circle

Like the thorn bird, we sing our sweetest song

Enfolded in pain of years gone by

Proving to us that the life we have lived,

No matter how it turned out

Has been worth it after all

But only for those who never ever give up

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo, POEMS

It’s A Swap

Tired of waiting, Tired of talking

Tired of smiling, Tired of dreaming

Tired of holding on, Holding on to thin air

Intangible wishes, Even beggars refuse to ride

How much longer, How much more

What else need I give

Hollow inside, Vacuum so deep

Empty sighs, Filled with nothing

Does it sound like I will ever make it through?

Probably not, If you go by what you see

But when all is said and done

I depend not on sight

Although in me there is nothing new

Nothing it seems to hold on to

I am connected to another

Unlike me, this one abounds

In riches that reach the weary soul

This wonderous one, Is full of life

Exuding  energy, Breathing hope

Transmitting power, Shining through the dark

Glows even brighter, Splendourous to behold

Full of substance, Full of beauty

Freely gives, No recourse to others opinion

Beauty for my ashes, Life for lifelessness

Bliss beyond dreams, A reality so real

Tangible hope, Even thin air can’t hide it

An exchange I don’t deserve

Dreams becoming real

For more of this I’m willing

Willing to wait when hope seems gone

A foretaste of better promises

I have no excuse but to yearn for more

I feel so alive when I’m connected

Too alive to stop talking

Too alive to stop smiling

I laugh out loud at every storm

It can’t take me, I am too alive

Too alive to be swallowed by sorrow

Too energised to give in to tiredness

I am awake and I have to tell this tale

Tell everyone I meet about my story

There’s no need to shrivel up

When hope itself becomes hopeless

There’s a place you can go

To receive refreshing

And wake up to brand new life

If only you are willing

To swap misery for victory

Don’t ask me where, ‘Cos if you really search

You will find it there, Right where you are

Just be willing to say, It’s a swap, It’s a deal.