It’s A New Day










It’s a new day
Yesterday is gone
No more sorrow
No more sadness
No more lack and loneliness
Stretch out your hands
Lift up your eyes
See, the morning sun rises
Announcing a new day
Of hope, peace and love
Togetherness and forgiveness
Good health, sunshine in our hearts
No more nostalgia for yesterday
Today is a much better day
A new day for you and I

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


There’s Love In the Air

This is a song I wrote 10 years ago. I just rediscovered it among some other ones in an old envelope of scrap papers I was going to throw away. Lesson: Don’t throw scrap papers away if you are a scribbler like me.


There’s love in the air

I feel it in the sunshine

It makes my skin tingle

I feel it in the morning breeze

There’s love all around me


I see it in a baby’s smile

It feels my my heart with hope

The innocent faces of the young

Are filled with love untainted


It’s there in all of us

The urge to care for another

But the experiences of our lives

Hardens the softness inside



Come with me on this Journey

Lets put aside our differences

Lets discover love again

It is in the aiar around us

We can find it if we try


A world free from wars

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the lost

Hope for the Future

Where we stand together as one


Forgiveness for the past

Respect for one another

Acceptance of our differences

Hope for the future

Where we stand together as one


I Need Love – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I am like a big warm desert stone

Exposed to the whims of the elements

Unshielded, left unprotected

I cannot move to a place of freedom

I am imprisoned in this ground.


My body tells the horrid story

Of the fate I have been dealt over and over

By those who have passed this way

The howling  dry wind

The great desert storms

The  burning sun, so hot, so fierce


But the ones that grip my heart with pain

Are the lonely traveling pilgrims

Who sat and rested on my back

And put their feet on me awhile

But never thought to make their home

With a lonely desert stone like me


I thought they felt my loneliness

I thought they understood

But after they used me for a seat

They did not build a shield, a covering for me

I thought they will remember

The comfort and rest I gave so willingly

But one by one they just moved on.

Leaving me behind to my cruel desert fate


I am not as useless as I feel

I can remember the dreams we shared

When on my hard back you laid your pilgrim head

‘Cos no other pillow could you find

I can remember my arms were ready

To hold and carry all your luggage

I kept them intact while you explored nearby

I know your riches and your baggage

All the stuff, good and bad you carry with you.


But still you left me behind

Weaker than I was, when you first came along

You left me to the whims of the harsh elements

I long for one who will decide

To stay and brave the desert storms with me

I am a lonely desert stone

Imprisoned by this ground on which I stand


I wish I was free to go like you

So no more strangers can come along to use my back

And leave me behind when morning comes

Come stay with me oh pilgrim one

Let’s build a tent that will withstand time

I will be your comfort and you my shield

We will love each other till the end of time.

 Loneliness, the condition that disables even the great.


{Seeking ‘Angel’} – Walk This Side Of Heaven With Me – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

If we could design our own angels

You will be my prototype

You are to me a guiding light

A helping hand when no other one I see

Your voice, it calms the strangest sounds

It speaks peace into my weary soul

 I do not yet know your name, angel

But I know your essence, Your very presence

So I decided that you must be the one

Who guards the gate to the heaven I seek

Heaven is when my mind is restful

Heaven is when my gaze is sure

Heaven is all colours bright

Filling my world and gloom is gone

So if you are the one I paint today

If these words describe your kind of heart

If your hand is the one stretched out to help

If your voice is the calming one among the lot

If your essence can wrap around my being

Then please it is you I seek, angel

Come walk this side of heaven with me

‘Cos with you, heaven is what I know I’ll find

I have long walked my lonely earth alone

Come angel, walk this side of heaven with me.

 Angel mine. Trully mine. My Angel, My sent one.