Let’s not even discuss it, I can’t find the words
You ask me why I trust him
He was there when the suddenlies came
When the billows started rolling
Right in the midst of my serenity
When the thunderstorm came unannounced
On my bright sun shiny day
When all was right with my world
And it suddenly tilted out of balance
Spinning me around like a puppet

I couldn’t figure out why
It didn’t make any sense
Have you had one of those suddenlies?
The kind no one understands
No one can help, Too gone too fast
Others have experienced it too
I have heard their stories
He only had a cold that won’t shift but the doctor said he was at stage four
And must prepare to die
She married the love of her life
The wedding was the talk of the town
And now she can’t have any babies
They were just passing by
They decided to help the lady
Now they are under fire. She said they are the culprits
They lost everything in one day

Have you ever had a suddenly
Which you couldn’t explain to no one
It is during such times
When the unthinkable happens
That we look for the friend
The one who sticks closer than a brother
I thought my end had come. I yelled and screamed in private
And smiled so bright in public
My heart was bleeding raw. I almost lost my mind

Can’t believe it happened to me. This nightmare I had to live with
I longed for some refuge. Anything to stop this terror from swallowing me whole
It’s easy to succumb to despair. When you are nearly half dead
Beaten down by a suddenly That you can’t even explain

The suddenlies don’t care who you are
Their waves will pull you under
The world will stand amazed. When they see the mess you are in
They will snigger and berate, Your excellencies of the past
Forgetting that those suddenlies Can visit any one they choose
But if like me you’ve come through
Rescued by the Lord
He was with me in the pit. Even when I didn’t know it
He pulled me out to safety And ordered my speedy recovery
How can I not trust in him
It is really not subject to debate
He flips it around for me. Bringing joy out of despair
Renewing my strength, Setting my feet on stable ground
Giving me Beauty for Ashes

You ask me how I know it’s him?
It is in the middle of the fire, when no one can help
That’s where he introduces himself
Wouldn’t have heard him any other way

Who refuses the strong hand of help
When no one else can help?
I know him so well now but He has always been here
Standing silently by
How can I not trust him
He has nothing to gain, I have everything to lose
He rules over the suddenlies, That makes other powers shake
And he turns it around for me
How can I not trust him?
He is King over the suddenlies
And I am safe with him


Do You Want Me Now? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Phone ringing

No responses

You said you’ll call

Here I am still waiting

Words so sweet

Laid upon my pillow

Said you will be true

Now you are no where to be found


Said you meant every word

Said I was the bomb

The one and only

An experience indeed

Like one in a dream

Slowly waking up

In the glare of daylight

You are no where to be found


I gave you my best

Freely on a silver platter

No fees paid, no sweat broken

You walk away, thinking you’re free

But you tossed and lost

Your credit’s run out

You’ve touched the tail of a viper

The venom is unsavoury


I am a woman scorned

My lesson, I have learnt

As a gift I am not free

My prize is worth the price

I’ ll track you down

I will haunt you so

All sweetness is gone

You took it all away.

I’m marked with your stamp

Now you have delivery, wanted or not


A faithful stalker, I will be

Until you’ve paid

The price you dodged

Don’t turn around

You might see me following

You can’t escape

I am everywhere

I will make you yearn

For freedom’s light

My captive unwilling

You will remain

So tell me this

Do you want me now?

 Revenge is not the answer. Learn your lesson. Move on!!