There’s Love In the Air

This is a song I wrote 10 years ago. I just rediscovered it among some other ones in an old envelope of scrap papers I was going to throw away. Lesson: Don’t throw scrap papers away if you are a scribbler like me.


There’s love in the air

I feel it in the sunshine

It makes my skin tingle

I feel it in the morning breeze

There’s love all around me


I see it in a baby’s smile

It feels my my heart with hope

The innocent faces of the young

Are filled with love untainted


It’s there in all of us

The urge to care for another

But the experiences of our lives

Hardens the softness inside



Come with me on this Journey

Lets put aside our differences

Lets discover love again

It is in the aiar around us

We can find it if we try


A world free from wars

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the lost

Hope for the Future

Where we stand together as one


Forgiveness for the past

Respect for one another

Acceptance of our differences

Hope for the future

Where we stand together as one


A Voice Bigger Than Mine

I speak and the mountains tremble

I sigh and the cool breeze blows

I sneeze and disease flees

I laugh and enemies are in disarray

I smile and hearts are enlarged


Every word and every sound

Is a synonym of another

Calling for it’s similars

Joining forces as one

There is no ripple effect

That cannot be traced to a single sound


The bells of change will ring

In a shiftless world

Because a voice refused to be silent

If one voice can do such wonders

Imagine what a chorus of voices can do


There is a voice bigger than mine

My teeny tiny voice needs magnifying

There is melody and harmony

When voices join in a never ending chain

The world can not help but stop and listen

To the sound of many as one


We speak and the mountains tremble

We sigh and the cool breeze brings refreshing

We sneeze and oppression is depressed everywhere

We laugh and the sound is a sign of victory

But only if we do it as one


I need a voice bigger than mine

I need your voice, and yours and yours

Let the change begin with one

Let the sound reverberate

Many voices together as one.