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Selasie Bulmuo - Strategist For Insightful Living

I Write, I Speak, I Engage passionately mainly with the disadvantaged, the hurt and the socially struggling one who is seeking true redirection and support to discover hidden potential and to recover from the ravages of life.

Iron sharpens iron. Great minds ignite one another for the greater good. I am happy to have you here.

I am Selasie Bulmuo – a Strategist For Insightful Living. I am absolutely thrilled to welcome you to my E- home full of lovely, deliciously ‘good for you’ inspired ideas, resources and opportunities to connect with others.

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Selasie Joan Bulmuo – Who is she? What does she do?

• She is a Qualified Social Worker and Director of SJB Resource Limited, a Social Capital Builder focused on the provision of services to individuals and groups particularly families in crisis. SJB Resource Ltd (www.sjbresource.co.uk) is a Social Capital Builder.
Blog – http://www.socialjackpotbuddy.wordpress.com (social topical issues, articles and networking).

• An Author and writer, she writes across genres and styles mainly poetry, short stories, articles, reflections, wisdom quotes, plays and songs all aimed at reaching out to others where they are and accompanying them on the journey to where they are destined to be. She also writes fiction and non-fiction books cutting across both the mainstream and Christian domains. This blog http://www.selasiebulmuo.wordpress.com mainly features her Poems, Posters (Inspirational Snippets), Smart Talk and her Fictional Works including excerpts from her books both existing ones and soon to be released ones.

• She Co-Pastors Fountain Gate Chapel, Life Pastures, North London with her husband Reverend Grant Bulmuo and also with a team of able Pastors and Ministers. The congregation affectionately call her Lady Pastor Selasie. She is a dynamic preacher of the word of God and is known for her revelatory and wise teachings which challenges people to re-think, reconsider and recover from the adversities of life and move towards walking in the sure purposes of God for their lives. Visit her blog http://www.neitherdoicondemnyou.wordpress.com for christian articles, expositions, Q&A, etc

. She runs the ‘The Marriage Preparation In 3-Step Programme’- (MP3-STEP PROGRAMME) made up of 2 modules in each step run over a period of six months, once a month as a transitionary preparation programme from singleness to married life. It is open to singles, singles in relationships and is also a really good refresher for married couples. An E- Course is soon to be launched. Visit the Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/MarriagePreparationIn3StepsProgramme

. She heads the Women’s Ministry of her local church. The HAYIL Ladies Ministry, North London. Her vision is to encourage women to DARE to break all limitations and be who they were intended to be against all odds. There are regular Influence Meetings for women to network sharing their goals and ambitions and finding resources, help and advise as well as a market for their entrepreneurial endeavours. There are revival, prayer and ministration meetings where women are released and anointed to overcome. Practical Workshops focusing on Confidence building, leadership etc are also run frequently. Visit us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/Hayilladiesfgcnorthlondon

Selasie is a mother of two boys and a daughter.

• For further information on her books, writings, blog posts, Video and Audio messages, please visit http://www.selasiebulmuo.com

• For invitations to speaking engagements, conferences, workshops and other Bespoke events please send a request to selasiebulmuo@yahoo.com

Short Version Bio – Selasie J Bulmuo

She Writes, She Speaks, She Engages passionately mainly with the disadvantaged, the hurt and the socially struggling one who is seeking true redirection and support to discover hidden potential and to recover from the ravages of life. She is:
• A Qualified Social Worker and the Director of SJB Resource Limited, a Social Capital Builder.
• A Mother, Wife & Pre – Maital Counsellor, Examplar to Women and Co – Pastor of Fountain Gate Chapel North London.
• The author of ‘Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon – for my blocked up soul’ a collection of poems with accompanying graphics and short fictional stories that mimic real life triumphs and tragedies; experiences to which others can relate and see their own stories and lives through. A reaching out book soon to be published.
For further information on this and other upcoming books, blog posts, speaking engagements, workshops, conferences and other projects please visit http://www.selasiebulmuo.com


This Blog is…..

It is where I share my thoughts, not all of them, just some choicest ones packaged in shiny boxes and tied up with strings and bows just for you.

This is where I reflect on life and living and share my musings immaculately gleaned with you.

I pass life through my unique personal lenses and it comes out in a poem, a rhyme, a quote, a verse, a picture, a story, jumbled up sentences all uniquely designed by me.

In sharing these I share myself.

I hope you enjoy this grand table laid for you and please leave a thought, a note, a thank you, something of yourself, so the table is never empty and you stay connected.

That is the way it was meant to be.

I also blog at:

www.neitherdoicondemnyou.wordpress.com – Christian writings, stories and discussions

www.socialjackpotbuddy.wordpress.com – Social issues, discussions about social policy and occurences in the society and in the media.

So who am I ?  (ABOUT Selasie Bulmuo)

Someone recently asked me three lovely questions.  These are the answers straight from my heart.  They tell a bit about me . So here goes……..

  1. What does identity mean to you?

Identity to me means understanding all the facets of my life and how they fit into the big picture so that I am able to accept who I truly am (both my past and present) and to use this as a stepping stone and something to work with on my journey to becoming all I am destined to be ( which because of my faith is totally linked to God‘s revelation to me of myself and of my future).

My identity is found and expressed in;

  • Who I know I am (Not just according to me but also according to the word of God)
  • The things I do – My life’s purpose, the reason  I think I exist
  • The things I refuse to do – My boundaries and principles and Values
  • My commitment to what and who I am becoming.

(Notice, I didn’t include what I have, because that can be taken away and I still have to be me).

2.    Why you do you write?

I found out at an early age that I loved solitude and my own company. When I am alone and undisturbed, inspired thoughts come to me, which often clarify something I have experienced or observed in my own life or in the lives of others. These often help me answer the ‘W’ questions – Why? What? Who? When? Where?  When I was a child I did not know how to use this gift properly and will write long letters to my parents, friends and others expressing my disgust at something which they had done or said which I felt was wrong.

It was only later that I realised that my writing was a gift from God to be used specifically to question life and to provide answers or routes out of dysfunction. Many find ‘life’ difficult and confusing. Many write to educate others on different topics. Unlike them I do not consider myself an expert. I write first and foremost to give myself a chance to make sense of life. I write so that I can take a walk of reflection with someone else, so they know they are not alone in the way they feel, so my words can give expression to what they feel but cannot fully express or make sense of as yet. In coming to an understanding of the ‘whys’ they can perhaps begin to live life on an even keel with some strength and fortitude, finding and paving a way through the darkness that sometimes surrounds us all. I like to think that I am a voice in the gap between where we are now and where we would like to be.

I think I will have mental overload if I stoped writing. My brain and thinking processes will get blocked. Writing is almost an offloading process for me.

Writing comes easily to me. It is a great blessing.

3.   What does it mean to be a woman?

Well, since I could very easily write volumes on this, to help me be brief, I will answer it in a poem.

Being Woman is versatility

Changing change itself

Being Woman is richness held in store

A bank that never runs out

Being Woman is beauty covering strength

Making the undo-able do-able

With grace and fortitude

Being woman is unveiling true greatness

Through sheer tenacity of spirit and grit

Without showing signs of breaking a sweat

Being woman is gentleness that remains true

And is not disfigured by pressure

Being woman is wisdom expressed

In more ways than the obvious

Being woman is elegance

Revealed through humility

Being woman is virtue

Having the ability to rise to every challenge

Being woman is Influence

Often without saying a word

A Woman is:

Softness, enfolding pain and healing it

Hardness, bringing change even without provision

Endurance, the expression of staying power

The kind only God can give

Woman is me

Whatever I need to be

To meet the needs in my world

Woman is embracing my uniqueness

As a treasure and a gift

That cannot be undone

The future awaits me

It is all mine

I am WOMAN !!!


SHE – a poem by Selasie Bulmuo

A WOMAN is a QUEEN in the making and a WIFE to him who seeks and finds her. You can be a Woman and not a Queen or a Wife. You can be a Queen, definitely a Woman but not a Wife. You cannot be a Wife without being Woman, and on the journey to becoming a Wife in the true sense of the Word, the Queen in you will be revealed. Every Female must desire to be the combination of the three. Its a winning Combination. 


W – Wide and Vast resources

O – Open to Multiple Uses

M – Made as an

A – Answer

N – Not yet revealed.



Q – Quality Persona

U – Ultra Magnetic

E – Excellent Among Many

E – Endowed With Treasure

N – Naturally Majestic


W – Welcoming

I – Insightful

F – Forgiving

E – Eloquent and Expressive


[The Secret Cry of An Enduring Woman] – Do You See Me? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

A conversation with God………….

It is Midnight again

My thoughts are racing

Questions fill my mind

The mad dash of the day

Is now at an end

The children are in bed

The world is calm and quiet

All my thoughts turn inwards

Do you see me?

Do you see the tears I cry

The struggles I endure

The ridicule and the heartcry

It is a daily grind

Being what others want

A caring mother

A submissive wife

A daughter to ailing parents

A listening ear

A helping hand

Required to be ready

Always available to one and all

Do you see me?

Trying my hardest

To keep it together

To remain dignified

To take the backstage

To be the one that gives in

During the glory rush hour

When sensitivity dies

Do you see me?

Being the platform

That others step all over

Do you see me?

Carrying the pain inside

Denying myself

Being invisible

Keeper of the peace

Quiet uncomplaining me

Often patronised and disdained

Making others thrive while I survive

Do you see me?

You are the only one I ask

Do you see me?

When I am down

And the tears flow in secret

When my soul seeks peace

When it demands attention

When my woman heart is in need

Desperate need of healing streams

Do you see me?

In times like these

Please re-assure my heart

Your will, Your glory

It’s destination must remain

The journey unended

Deserves no crown

I must continue to seek

To please you only

My desire is you

For honour and beauty

You will bestow

I endure, I grow, I stand

As one chosen by you

Inspired by Psalm 68:11-13  The Lord gave the word, great was the company of women that published it. Kings of armies did flee apace: and SHE that tarried at home divided the spoil. Though you have layed among the pots, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo, SMART TALK

Mother’s Day – A woman’s heart.

A woman should never hold a grudge because as a mother, wife, sister, your job is never done,

No matter how far away your children, your husband and others in your life  seem to go, either through their attitudes, behaviours and choices, they should be able to see your light showing them the way back home.

You must be a trail blazer in the true meaning of the word. Be the one who holds the flickering candle up, so no matter what the future holds, the ones assigned to you can always find their way back to the place of truth and life.

Be an enduring strong woman not an offended unhappy woman. Your reward will never evade you.

Happy mothers day to you all.


Stilettos And Pumps – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Are you a stiletto lady

Or a pump woman


The two are different

You know


One is high

By reason of leverage


The other is lower

By reason of choice


Choice? she said

I have no choice


My task decides

Which one I wear


I can do both well

But not all at once


I find that often

I can do just one


Going to my office

I need my stilettos


At home in the kitchen

Best wear my pumps


Night out with my guy

I need my stilettos


Chilling out by the pool

Both are discarded


Out on the streets

Which one will do?


It all depends

If I am serving or being served


Can’t wear stilettos

To feed the hungry


Can’t wear stilettos

To clean the grime


Can’t wear stilettos

When others are so low


Got to come down a notch

And rhyme with the masses


Can’t wear stilettos

Oh no not today


I have work to do

They do not match my dungarees


Come the evening light

And you might mistake me for the stars


Cos that’s the time

I chuck my pumps


I can rock both ways

Heck more ways than two


That’s me you see

I can abase and abound.


 Sometimes slow down, come down, you’re too high up there.

ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

What Every Woman Needs. What Every Woman Wants.

Likewise, ye husbands, dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honour unto the wife, as unto the weaker vessel, and as being heirs together of the grace of life; that your prayers be not hindered. (1 Peter 3:7 KJV).

When young men are growing up and face challenges and become emotional or weepy they are often told to ‘man up’. Without asking for explanations, they automatically know what it means to ‘man up’ or to be man. It usually means that they have to be brave, strong, courageous and get on with it without being ‘wimpy’, or ‘soft’

I have however never heard anyone say to a woman ‘be a woman’ or ‘woman up’. They will use the actual real words. They will say, be gentle, be strong, be patient, be brave, be serviceable, be generous, be quiet, speak up, be forgiving, be wise, be hospitable, be calm, be patient and others similar terminologies.Women are the most diverse and yet unique set of God’s creation.

There is therefore no agreed universal definition of what it means to be a woman. Every woman is unique. They come in different shapes and forms. The loud ones, the quiet ones, the shy ones, the overly confident ones, the sharp tongued ones, the reticent ones, the list is endless.

There’s really no good or bad way to be a woman. The only exception is if a woman uses her womanly attributes to disobey God and to practice treachery and wickedness. That is when you hear statements like ‘hell has no fury like a woman scorned’. It has been said that a woman has the power of a kingdom in her hands. Kings are made by her and kings are brought down by her. Anyway, that is besides the point.

What does it mean to be a woman?
What did the original model of a woman look like?

The original model was made as a response to a specific need identified by God. She was made to measure, made fit for a specific purpose, made to suit, custom made model without duplicate.

Every woman since then is made as an answer to a specific need. Designed and made to fit her particular mould. If that mould requires her to have a loud personality, then that’s how she should be. If it requires her to be quiet that is what she should be. Her favour which God has on her life is tied up in her being who God made her to be because that favour goes with the particular task or mould or need she was made to be suited to. If she tries to be anything else she cannot walk in it’s favour because it doesnot suit her. Blessed is a man who finds a woman who is secure in herself and is walking in her assigned favour. If she becomes his wife, that man will qualify to reap of that favour which is of God.

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord. (Proverbs 18:22 KJV)

What every woman needs is to be loved, affirmed and cherished for who she is as a person first and foremost rather than just for her role as a wife or a mother.

Hidden inside every woman, no matter how hostile she may seem is a little girl who needs her unique type of  ‘girliness’ to be affirmed and validated whether it be a ‘tomboy’ girliness or a ‘teddy bear lady like’ girliness. She needs to be allowed to evolve and find her true self.

Without your ‘little girl’ – your inner girl being affirmed, you grow into a woman with ‘needs’ which is what puts a lot of single men off. Not everyman wants a clingy, neurotic type woman as a wife. Neither do they want a stubborn ‘I will do whatever I want’ type.

A woman’s personality needs to be submitted to God more and more as she grows otherwise she becomes even more strange as she grows. Just look at certain middle aged women who have still not found their very own places in life, they are hard to live with and hard to please. It is often blamed on hormonal changes, but could there be more to it than that? The more you are able to submit to God, the more you find your true ‘womaness’.  As a woman you need to let God lead you, speak to you, comfort you, heal you. When it comes to God, you need to have a quiet, listening attitude as he is the only one who can direct you towards your ‘true north’, your definite destiny. Let your strength and value be in ‘….the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price’. (1 Peter 3:4 KJV).

If you as a woman do not fear God, there is no way you can discover the totality of who he made you to be. You will aim to be like someone else. Unfortunately or should I rather say fortunately, you were not made with those specifications in mind and so you cannot maintain being who you are not authentically. You definitely cannot do so long term without frustrating yourself and others. The bible calls such women ‘strange women’ and a good man is advised to stay away from her. In her desperation to be what she is not, she causes a lot of confusion not only for herself but for all those around her. She cannot really deliver what she seems to be promising.

A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing. (Proverbs 9:13 KJV).

When wisdom entereth into thine heart, and knowledge is pleasant unto thy soul; Discretion shall preserve thee, understanding shall keep thee: To deliver thee from the strange woman, even from the stranger which flattereth with her words; Which forsaketh the guide of her youth, and forgetteth the covenant of her God. For her house inclineth unto death, and her paths unto the dead. None that go unto her return again, neither take they hold of the paths of life. (Proverbs 2:10, 11, 16-19 KJV).

Don’t use your attributes as a woman in ways God did not plan for you to use.

Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, she shall be praised! (Proverbs 31:30 AMP)

The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility. (Proverbs 15:33 KJV)

Anyone who wants to receive honour must first be humble. An honourable woman is a humble woman whose value is very entrenched in the fear of the Lord.

God requires that she be honoured as per our main scripture above.

So what does a good, secure woman want?

She wants you to handle her according to the value of who she really is and not who you want her to be. You have to get to know her. You have to live with her according to that knowledge.

She wants the honour that is due her. No one honours a weak thing. We should however honour a strong thing in a weak vessel. It takes real grace to maintain greatness in a weak vessel. For the sake of what the vessel carries, you honour the vessel.

A woman wants to be treated like an equal, valued partner, not a subservient second fiddle. We are all heirs together – we inherit together. A woman is as much a signatory to the heavenly account as a man is. Without her signature, the cheque may very well not be accepted. Beware, both her husband’s prayers and her prayers can be hindered.

A woman just wants to be allowed and supported to be all that God made her to be and not be forced to be a replica or duplicate of her husband’s mother, sister, an ex girlfriend, or that other woman he so admires.

Enough said!!!