Human Eyes of Love

To be there for one another

Is what the world needs most

A world without loneliness

Poverty or violence

A world of peace and happiness

A safe place to sleep at night

Without fear, without hunger

Where I see You

And you see me

Through human eyes of Love


There’s Love In the Air

This is a song I wrote 10 years ago. I just rediscovered it among some other ones in an old envelope of scrap papers I was going to throw away. Lesson: Don’t throw scrap papers away if you are a scribbler like me.


There’s love in the air

I feel it in the sunshine

It makes my skin tingle

I feel it in the morning breeze

There’s love all around me


I see it in a baby’s smile

It feels my my heart with hope

The innocent faces of the young

Are filled with love untainted


It’s there in all of us

The urge to care for another

But the experiences of our lives

Hardens the softness inside



Come with me on this Journey

Lets put aside our differences

Lets discover love again

It is in the aiar around us

We can find it if we try


A world free from wars

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the lost

Hope for the Future

Where we stand together as one


Forgiveness for the past

Respect for one another

Acceptance of our differences

Hope for the future

Where we stand together as one


Imagine Maranatha – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

This world, a world where no sorrows be

Where hearts are free to love unafraid

Where friends remain forever true

Great joy abides and peace is known

Where trouble once made a public show

No foe, no enemy as sly as hate

Can venture where true love now abounds

Guns and knifes and bombs are now antiques

Of no use except to show the rest

Our minds have truly turned around


My house your house is now our house

No reproach to answer to no more

For things we didn’t choose ourselves

Like colour, race, creed or age

No matter, who’s different, none abused

In safety all our children play

Together as one, their futures bright

Our hopes renewed, we kiss the day

Whereas before our mouths had cursed

With words so vile while fear remained


‘t was a promise scarcely heard aloud

The Prince of Peace one day will reign

Terror has ceased in every street

The wicked one disarmed at last

Sunshine is free of bitter darkness

But that day is still sometime away

Could be tomorrow, no one knows for sure

But first this great sorrow will increase so

Creation groans to be delivered

From a troubled world where hope has died


A great harvest will from the earth arise

Away to meet up yonder land

In an instant with no extra time

Ready or not it will surely come

That day when hearts will be comforted

For now, we wait, we work, we wait

Knowing the price for us was long gone paid

Our hearts do truly know this fact

He is faithful, he who has the promise made

So we wait, we work, we wait.