Inspirational Snippet #11- The Golden Rule

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How we are perceived by others means a lot to us. This poster will elicit two different responses: it will upset some and / or empower them, positively I hope. It depends on whether you have been at the receiving end or the giving end of an attitude that flouts the golden rule. Have you ever met someone who seemed to boost their own ego by belittling other people? It is a sign of insecurity and low self esteem. It is a cry for help by someone who is hurting inside and hates him or herself. It is an effort to mask the pain in their own lives by coming across as someone in control and in charge or seemingly superior to others. Don’t let someone like that destroy your self esteem. And if you are like that please get some help before you destroy yourself and alienate others. Lets stop all forms of abuse. Lets all practice being more considerate. Only do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.





Don’t Drop The Ball

It’s your turn to hold on

Hold on I say

If that’s all you do

I know your eye is on lots more

And juggling has become your art

But beware my friend

Don’t you forget

Amongst the lot

There’s one so rare

You must  ensure

You pass it on

To the ones to come

Unscathed, unchanged

As genuine as when

It passed to you

Whatever you do

Don’t drop that ball

Or you will be accused

Of breaking the chain

Usurping the heritage

Of  thousands of years

The children wait

To take their place

So please my friend

Don’t drop that ball!

It’s worth much more

Than all the rest