Zoned Out (Stuck In Reverse)

Am I really here

Or am I not?

Totally zoned out

Is how I feel

How else can I

Describe this vacuum

This emptiness within my mind

It’s heavier than a ton of bricks

I am stuck in reverse under the load

No on moving traffic

Ideas and thoughts

Have been hijacked

By yesterday’s disappointments

And tomorrow’s anxieties

The present time is ticking by

Much as I try, my mind is blocked

Can’t think up visions

Of a better tomorrow

Can’t stop remembering yesterday

It’s ups and downs, It’s joys and pain

Seared on my mind

Therefore today is now disabled

It never stood a chance against

The onslaught of my jumbled thoughts

Zoned out, dismissed. Out of my own mind

Today could find no true expression

As moments slide by, one by one

Unused misused

By the surrounding chaos

Which won’t die out

Loosing today

Absent in the present

Lost in yesterday

Zoned out. Unplugged

Disconnected. Closed In

Clueless deception

Betrayal of Me

Oblivious unaware – ness

Today’s pain relief

It causes no pain

If I remain zoned out

I care not for today

Yesterday’s still too raw

Stuck in slow motion

Between two worlds

Today’s world that never was

And tomorrow”s world already lost

My life, my thoughts, Stuck in reverse


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